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2016 Dart


If you have not seen the 2016 Dodge Dart SXT Blacktop, you owe it to yourself to go down to your local Dodge dealer and check it out. It’s the perfect vehicle for the young, the not so young, and the young at heart to flit about the city or head out on the highway and explore their world. That’s because the 2016 Dodge Dart SXT Blacktop is roomy, stylish, and fun to drive. Plus it has all the safety, connectivity, and entertainment features the modern driver needs and the fuel economy they want. All of this in an powerful, aerodynamic, affordable, little package. It’s a bulls eye for Dodge and FCA. To see one for yourself, come on down to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

While many people are enamored with the 2016 Dodge Dart Blacktop’s stylish good looks, Latin flare, sleek grill, and amazing design elements, the real action is under the hood. The car comes powered by a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder Tigershark engine that delivers 160 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque. However, buyers have the option to go with a 1.4 liter, four cylinder single overhead cam Turbo Fire engine which uses the innovative MultiAir technology to provide 160 horsepower along with 184 pounds-feet of torque. This is class leading power placed in a perfect performance package.

If you really want to make a statement, you can get the sleek-looking 2016 Dart SXT with the sporty Blacktop® Appearance Package. It comes with gloss black crosshair grille, sport appearance hood, gloss black power exterior mirrors, bezels, and fog lamp spear. Add the 18-inch aluminum wheels in gloss black as well and you get a mysterious blacked-out look. Some even opt for the Mopar black front-side sills, black front chin spoiler, diffuser, and dual exhaust that is sure to turn heads.

Although this amazing vehicle comes with a boatload of standard features, it can be upgraded with a whole host of luxurious appointments including a steering wheel that’s wrapped in leather and features audio controls, electronic vehicle control info, Bluetooth, Uconnect voice command capability, auto dimming rearview mirror with a microphone, remote keyless entry and start, trip computer, and much more. When that is added to the power windows, locks, and mirrors, micron filter air conditioning, auto headlamps and cruise control, and other standard features, it creates an incredible yet affordable automobile.

Safety is of paramount importance and this vehicle has safety features galore. It starts with electronic stability control, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, and MacPherson struts, and includes multi-link rear independent suspension, and 10 airbags. You can even add a tire pressure monitoring system. Its roomy, ergonomically designed interior features firm yet comfortable upholstered seats, elegant appointments, more than adequate head, shoulder, and leg room, and a 370 liter trunk that can also be accessed from inside the vehicle by flipping down one of the rear seats.

The new Dodge Dart completes this inviting package with a 6-speed manual transmission, responsive steering, superior handling, and fast, agile cornering that makes driving this vehicle tons of fun. It’s the ideal family car.

Technology Drives New Dodge Durango


Durango Takes Other SUVs to School

With a suite of technology that includes dual DVD Blu-Ray, the patented Dodge UConnect navigation system, a customizable digital cluster and driver’s assistance safety features, the new Dodge Durango has more electronic bells and whistles than any other SUV in its price range. Keyless “Enter ‘N Go” allows you to open all the doors with just a pull on one handle, then start the engine by tapping on the brake peddle. Driver seat memory lets you store your perfect position so you can find it again after someone else drives the car. See all the Durango has to offer by taking a drive to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

Five Trim Levels Offer Different Features

Even the base SXT Durango, which starts at just a skosh over $30,000, has standard features like a 5-inch touchscreen infotainment system, GPS antenna, voice command, media inputs for SD, USB and an auxiliary cable and steering wheel mounted stereo controls. Step up to the SXT Plus and you can add navigation, a remote CD player, larger touchscreen and UConnect 8.4. The Limited model comes with the larger touchscreen standard, charging ports and the optional DVD entertainment system. The Citadel offers heated leather seats, power driver and passenger seats and 20-inch polished wheels.

R/T Means Ready for the Track

If you’re looking for a little more performance out of your Durango, step up all the way to the R/T model. It comes with a 360 horsepower HEMI V8 that also delivers 390 pound feet of torque. Although the HEMI provides a welcome rumble, you might be inclined to drown it out with the best audio system Chrysler offers. The BeatsAudio delivers quality concert hall sound to make those long trips or short commutes much more pleasurable. If you want your Durango R/T to be the baddest one in town, consider adding the Blacktop appearance group, which includes 20-inch black glossy wheels, a black crosshair grille, black badging, black mirrors and black fog lamp bezels. It also adds Capri leather seats with suede inserts for the most comfy ride in town.

Flexible Seating Provides Room for People in Cargo

Head over to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and spend some time playing with all the different seat configurations that come with the new Dodge Durango. You can sit up to seven people or utilize 50 different combinations of seats and cargo space to fit to just about any load. The Durango has 84.5 cubic feet of cargo space, which makes it one of the most utilitarian SUVs on the planet.

Ram Summer

It’s spring and the weather is getting warm. That means you and your Ram have survived another and your activity level is about to increase. But whether you’ve mapped out your summer itinerary or embrace spontaneity, there is one thing you should do right now. Get your Ram ready for all the activities and trips you want to enjoy during the summer. The temperature and workload changes can put a strain on the fluids and parts of even your big bad Ram. Right now is the right time to change up the fluids, tune up the engine, service the transmission, check the tires, hoses, and belts, and get ready to get more done and have more fun with your Ram.  If you want to get a new one or see what is available, check one out at Chapman Dodge.

Check And Service The Cooling System

As the weather warms your Ram’s cooling system has to work harder. Make sure the entire system is checked and serviced and prevent nasty surprises when the mercury rises. At a Las Vegas Ram location, you can get your cooling system checked out, or you can even buy a new Ram.

Check And Replace Tires

Winter weather, ice-covered roads, the chemicals used to melt the ice, plus the freezing temperature can damage to your tires. Now is a good time to have the thread, air pressure, and side walls checked and replace the tires if necessary. You’ll get better traction, control, and gas mileage.

Check And Replace Wiper Blades

Winter weather is rough on wiper blades. Inspect and replace the wiper blades so a simple summer shower doesn’t leave you with impaired visibility and an unnecessary accident.

Under The Hood Inspection

The Battery

Winter driving has taken a toll on your vehicle. Now is the time to make sure everything is fine and you are ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. Be sure to check, charge or replace the battery.

Check And Change The Fluids

Changing the oil after winter is over is a good way to ensure the oil is clean and all the engine parts are properly lubricated. The transmission fluids should be checked, topped off, or replaced to keep the gears changing smoothly. Check and replace the brake fluid as needed. If your brake fluid is low, have your brake system checked. Spring is also a good time to change the anti-freeze and flush out the radiator if necessary. Making sure the fluids in your Ram are full, clean, and in good condition sets you up for a great summer.

Clean Thoroughly Inside And Out

Keeping your Ram looking good is important. It helps to preserve the value of your automobile. No matter if the area you live causes your Ram to be covered in snow, battered by fall and winter winds and rains, or pelted by desert sands or sea water, the changing of the seasons is a great time to clean your Ram thoroughly inside and out. It helps to preserve the paint job and the undercarriage and identify any damage done during the winter.

If you want your Ram to look and perform at its best, take time to get it ready for the hot summer months.

Dart Delivers Wow Factor Inside and Out


Shades of Exhilaration! Pick a Sporty Color

The wow factor for the new Dodge Dart starts with the exterior, with a wide array of bright paint colors like Redline Red Pearl, Go Mango, Laser Blue Pearl and Granite Crystal Metallic that deliver notice to the world that this is a sporty car. The racetrack taillight assembly utilizes 152 individual LED lights to announce your departure with authority to all those behind you. Choose from nine different wheel packages to compliment your available dual exhaust to add just a touch of swagger that is not usually found on something classified as a compact car. Despite all the attitude, the 2016 Dodge Dart still delivers up to 41 mpg while producing up to a peppy 184 horsepower. Now is the perfect time to head to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and take advantage of offers saving you up to $4,250 in combined cash.

New Dart Sporty, Yet Safe

You’ll fall in love with the look of the new Dart, yet it may be the stiff overall structure and passenger protection features that you really grow to love. The Dart has 10 airbags strategically placed to protect the driver and passengers in the event of a crash. Active front head restraints help avoid whiplash as the result of rear end collisions. Blind spot monitoring, rear cross path detection, rearview camera and electronic stability control are some other available features that help keep you in control and heading to your destination.

Dart Most Technologically Advanced in its Class

Compact cars are mostly known for being boring little machines that will get you from one place to another without spending too much on gas. The Dodge Dart will definitely get you there and save on fuel, but it is loaded with goodies to help make your drive infinitely more fun. The UConnect infotainment system provides voice recognition to help you keep your eyes on the road while making a phone call, changing the music source or entering a navigation point. A large digital driver information cluster display provides real-time information at a moment’s glance. Awesome high-definition graphics let you monitor your fuel consumption and other diagnostics. Navigation is right in your line-of-sight, providing turn-by-turn directions without distracting you from your driving duties. Keyless entry and concert hall sound add to the list of technological goodies.

Choose Your Engine and Performance

Pick from one of three engines to maximize performance or fuel economy. The 2.0L Tigershark engine is a four-cylinder beast that has 16 valves and produces 160 horsepower. The 1.4L Multiair Turbo engine is the most efficient, delivering 41 mpg while still producing 160 horsepower. For a little more pep, consider choosing the 2.4L Tigershark Multiair engine, which still gets 35 mpg on the highway while pumping out 184 horses. Test-drive the various engines at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas to see which one best fits your needs.

Hellcat Ram


Is Ram working on an HD Hellcat pickup truck



Are you ready for a Ram HD Hellcat pickup truck? Well if the recent spy photos are to be believed FCA is about release a truck so powerful even non-truck people will have to sit up and take notice. Ram knows how to build trucks. Their Ram Power Wagon pickup with the 6.4 liter Hemi V8 engine and 410- horsepower, hitched to a heavy duty 2500 chassis, can pull, haul, and perform on road and off road. Give a truck like that a 707 horsepower Hellcat engine and it just might change the world. It would be the perfect truck for work or play, country or city. For pulling a boat or trailer, or weaving through traffic.

Although these are only spy photos, they show a versatile well-built truck designed to do whatever the driver wants it to do. But this is no ordinary truck. The big ram-air hood is a clue that there’s something very powerful underneath it. The heavy-duty suspension and lift kit shown in the spy photos lets you know this truck can get rough, rugged, and raw. But the aerodynamic body type hints of a truck with good range and speed. Even without the bumpers the vehicle sliced the wind and whispered about astounding approach and departure angles, durability, and flexibility.

For FCA, releasing a redesigned a version of the Power Wagon with a fire-breathing dragon of Hellcat engine under the hood would be a daring move. It would generate buzz and excitement, plus it would be useful and fun to drive. Anything you’re doing with your pickup, having a Hellcat engine with 707 horsepower would make it easier and more fun. The Power Wagon has been a good performer for the Ram line. Powering it up would make many a truck fan’s dream come true. Still we must maintain perspective and realize they were only a few spy pictures and there’s no telling what FCA has planned. If you cannot wait for this truck, there are plenty of other Ram trucks to check out at Chapman Dodge.

The two trucks in the spy photos were a single cab and a Mega Cab. The traditional Crew Cab is what the Power Wagon had been making its name using. These photo could be just some concept trucks or Dodge could be planning to introduce two brand new variants of the Power Wagon. Variants with stepped up power and Hellcat attitude created to set a new standard of what a Ram pickup can do. FCA has been expanding its use of the Hellcat engine and the Power Wagon would be a great place to put one. A truck with the right pedigree, durability, and structure to handle a Hellcat. If you want to check out any model at Las Vegas Ram, you can do so and take one on a test drive.

This is all just extrapolation based on spy photos. But Ford, one of Rams biggest competitors, has released the Ford Raptor and its making noise. But if Ram puts a 707 horsepower Hellcat engine in a Power Wagon like these spy photos suggest, it would leave its competitors scrambling for second place. Recent spy photos seem to show Ram has an HD Hellcat pickup truck in its near future.