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The competition in the half-ton pickup class is incredibly fierce, a battle that has been ramping up for several years now. This year, the RAM 1500 was recognized as the top dog when it was awarded Motor Trend Magazine’s “Top Truck of the Year” accolade. In year’s past, the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado made the top of many lists, but the Ram 1500 is now getting its due and being recognized as one of the best, most well-designed, and highest functioning trucks being produced. And the 2015 Ram looks to maintain it’s lead as well. If you are looking for this great truck, you can head to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

The Ram 1500 is one of the more solid half-ton pickups available, with a Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 engine tuned for 306 horsepower and 269 pound feet of torque for a serious hauling capacity. The eight speed automatic transmission is built for fuel efficiency, getting 17 miles per gallon in the city and 25 on the highway. The city measurement goes up to 18 mpg when you specify start/stop technology.

The frame is built of a new high-grade steel and is remarkably lighter than before while also being stronger, unlike the new F-150 which will be lighter due to an aluminum frame. Add to that the aerodynamic shutters, low-rolling-resistance tires, and pulse-width modulation that increases the efficiency of the alternator and you have one of the better moving trucks available. That doesn’t even take the thermal management system into account.

Of course, this is a Chrysler, so there has to also be a HEMI V-8 version with 395 horsepower and an incredible 407 foot pounds of torque with variable valve timing (VVT) and a cylinder shut-off system. Plus it can do 0-60mph in under seven seconds as a half-ton pickup.

In addition, Ram has always had a smoother ride than any other truck in its class and that hasn’t changed with the redesigned suspension on the 2015. The air suspension is also a great new addition, lowering the car’s profile while at speed in order to reduce wind resistance and increase fuel efficiency.

Finally, the safety features and accessories are excellent. Air bags, of course, but also stability control with a trailer-sway system and hill-start assist. The navigation system includes voice-activated features, 3D terrain imagery, and lane guidance on an 8.4-inch Uconnect touch screen, not to mention the ability to look up fuel-price, weather, sports, and movie data with ease.

It’s really hard to beat the 2015 Ram trucks, regardless of which version you go with. It’s a high quality machine that is able to handle rough terrain and keep up with the big boys on everything but towing. Stop by Chapman Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler Jeep for a test drive today. You won’t be disappointed.


The Dodge Durango is one of the most well-known SUVs around, rated “Best in Class” in several categories. This is entirely unsurprising since it’s so much more than would be believed by just looking at it. While the immediate perception of this vehicle is one of power and force, it’s far more refined than it lets on. If you want to check one out for yourself, head to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

Recent Changes

There have been a lot of changes to this particular vehicle in recent years, mostly due to a concerted effort by Dodge to reach out to new markets and create an image of sophistication coupled with the ability to handle even difficult driving conditions. This is probably a good move on the part of the company and has really lead to a much better SUV.

The most obvious change has been the exterior alterations. The large grill on the front gives it an aggressive look, but the once hard edges have been rounded off and the headlight design improved significantly. It still looks fierce, but not in the blunt way it did before.

The addition of an 8-speed automatic transmission has also been a nice touch, improving the fuel efficiency and adding additional torque while driving.


The way that the Dodge Durango drives can be summarized with a single word: Control. When you get behind the wheel and start it up, it feels like the kind of SUV that you’re going to have to fight the whole time, but instead you’re given an easy ability to move, stop, and steer. It feels natural, for lack of a better term.

The way that it corners is also impressive. Unlike most SUVs, there’s no sense of rolling or tilting while making turns. Even taking tight corners at speed didn’t do much to shake the Durango, and you could even feel the center of gravity moving down while making the turn.

While backing up was a little difficult due to the high belt line, the rear view camera and 8.4 inch screen really went a long way toward alleviating that issue. It didn’t take more than a time or two to get used to the design, at which point even parallel parking became a breeze.


Safety is an important aspect of what makes the Durango a high quality vehicle. First of all, it earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest rating in four crash tests as well as very high marks in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s testing.

One of the best options for safety that the Durango offers is the forward-collision warning and mitigation system which allows the SUV to brake if it’s too close to another car. There’s also Cross-Path Detection, which prevents rear collisions very effectively. Finally, the optional blind spot monitor is remarkably accurate and easy to integrate into your driving habits.

There’s a reason the Dodge Durango is considered best in class so often these days: the company went to the effort to put together a truly great SUV. Stop by Chapman Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler Jeep to test drive one today, or check out our selection online.

A look at the Dodge HEMI V8 engine


Chrysler changed the way engines were perceived when they introduced what would be called the “HEMI” line in 1951. At the time, it was called the “Chrysler Firepower Engine” and was sold primarily based on its power, but soon the name changed to the nickname it had been given in the industry based on the hemispherical combustion chamber. And it drastically altered the way we saw engines. If you want to get your hands on a Dodge with a V8 HEMI engine, head to Chapman Dodge.

Design Elements

The reason for the hemispherical head is that it creates a highly efficient combustion chamber that not only produces minimal heat loss, but also allows for two large valves to be attached. While most other cylinders in engines include more valves, the HEMI is limited to these two, but not to its detriment. In fact, it only adds to the efficiency. Having one intake and one exhaust valve goes a long way toward creating what is referred to as “cross-flow,” allowing for a rapid exchange before and after the combustion process.

Part of the problem that engineers faced when designing the HEMI was that by creating a combustion chamber in that shape, they were losing a lot of the pressure necessary to give each piston the push it needed to move the vehicle. Essentially, it opened up a lot of unused volume, meaning that the explosion of igniting gas would have too much space to fill. The designers solved this by doming the top of the pistons, reducing that space and creating an easier movement in the engine.

The combination of hemispherical piston heads and combustion chambers ended up putting a lot more power behind every revolution, especially in the case of the V8.

Bringing the Modern V8 To Life

Since its inception, there has been a V8 HEMI to purchase, but there have been a number of changes that make the modern version even more powerful and efficient than before. Most of the alternations have been ways to change the operation of the engine under different driving conditions so that you’re always getting the most out of it. Luckily, you can pick up a great deal on a Dodge outfitted with a HEMI engine by heading to Las Vegas Dodge.

In 2009 the company introduced Variable Camshaft Timing technology to the engine. This revolutionary design employs an oil control valve directed at a special camshaft sprocket with a phasing device. By controlling the oil flow, it can alter the camshaft timing appropriately.

Similarly, Dodge HEMIs use an active intake manifold with a short runner valve. This makes it so that you are always getting the optimum torque and horsepower out of your engine by closing the valve at low RPMs, but opening it at higher engine stress in order to direct air flow into the center of the manifold.

The Dodge V8 HEMI is one of the most powerful engines available because it was so carefully designed. Every part is crafted to get the most efficiency out of the space it was given. Since its inception it has been pushing the industry to continue to strive for a little more, and as a result is one of the most popular engines today.

2015 Dodge Grand Caravan Review


2015 is going to be the last year that the Grand Caravan will be featured in the Dodge lineup, which is a shame since it’s been a staple of the minivan class almost since its invention. It still is one of the best values in minivans as far as space and features go, and is one of the more affordable minivans out there. If you want to find a good deal on a Grand Caravan, head to Las Vegas Dodge.

Changes to the 2015 Grand Caravan are not significant from the previous year’s model, with the exception of the Super Stow ‘N Go Seating and Storage System, which allows the second- and third-row seats to fold completely flat in a matter of seconds.  Another cool seating feature is Tailgate Seating. When parked, the third-row 60/40 split bench seat can flip completely backward, allowing the seats to face outward. The 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan is a great van for anyone looking to transport their family.

The first benefit of the Grand Caravan is that it is one of the best minivans as far as utility goes. It can carry more cargo and people than any other van in its class, with up to eight passengers and quite a bit of stuff. The storage system under the seats is made possible by making the seats thinner, which has had little, if any, impact on seat comfort. And if the inside of this stalwart people-hauler is filled, the Stow N’ Place Roof Rack System can carry up to 150 pounds of luggage.

Another nice element of the Grand Caravan is the single drivetrain configuration as well as the 3.6 liter, V-6 engine that provides plenty of horsepower in order to move around quite a bit of weight. In fact, 283 horsepower and a 6 speed automatic transmission makes this particular vehicle capable of handling a number of different situations while still being loaded down. The All-Speed Traction Control monitors wheel spin to give maximum traction, while the Electronic Stability Control monitors steering input and vehicle motion. Both provide a standard of safety and control regardless of road conditions.

Dodge plans to go out with the traditional boxy design that has always marked the Grand Caravan from its competitors that switched to smoother, more aerodynamic-looking frames. This design provides extra room and a much more open feel than many of its more rounded competitors. Dodge has always prided itself on value and more hauling and towing capability for the money, and the Grand Caravan provides it in spades.

The 2015 Grand Caravan also does an excellent job of continuing to produce infotainment and electronic feature packages. They have stuffed this van to the gills with electronics that make it easier to drive, safer, and more entertaining for passengers. Many of these are available on the base model which has gone down in price this year in order to make room for a higher feature package at the top of the line, letting more people take advantage of these well designed configurations.

It’ll be sad to see the Grand Caravan go, especially since 2015 looks like the best one so far. It’s still one of the top minivans available and will continue to be for several years after it’s gone.

2015 Dodge Dart Review



Dodge hasn’t really dipped its toe into the compact car market since it stopped producing the Neon many years ago. In its day, the Neon was a nice little car, sporty but functional with a little kick to it that made it slightly better than its competition at the height of its popularity. They seem to be taking those lessons seriously with the Dart and running with them. If you want to get your hands on one, head to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

There aren’t a whole lot of changes between the 2014 and 2015 Dart, but 2014 introduced an expanded range of running gear and improved many of the early problems the model had with drivability, so it’s good to see those changes carrying over. The Dart seems to be part of a larger trend by Dodge to not mess with what works this year, something I can’t imagine many people complaining about. Since the 2015 Dodge Dart is so reliable, you should consider this entry-level bargain.

There are a number of engine configurations to choose from in the Dart, including a 160 horsepower, 2.0 liter, four cylinder option and a 184 horsepower 2 liter that is easily the most powerful of the bunch. The best all around engine choice is probably the 1.4 liter, turbocharged 160 horsepower engine. This one will give you all of the torque, acceleration, and response that you’ll need. It is sporty and closely matches the sleek interior design and the low stance of the front end. A 6-speed C635 manual transmission comes standard on all models with the exception of the Limited trim line: That model includes a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The interior is also something special. Much of what you find inside is really not what one comes to expect from a compact car, such as the 8.4 inch touchscreen for navigation and a rear camera. It also has a smaller screen sitting among the instruments in order to give the driver even easier access to abridged information. The seats are comfortable and well placed, with enough room in the back for most adults to be able to sit without feeling claustrophobic.

The materials used are soft as well, which is a nice touch to this model. The dash and steering wheel have great hand feels to them and add to the sportiness and luxury of the whole experience. It’s nice to be able to drive while in pleasant surroundings and the 2015 Dart certainly provides that.

Safety is another place where the Dart absolutely excels. It received top five-star ratings overall from the federal government and Top Safety Pick status from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), having scored almost perfectly in all safety rating tests. The Honda Civic is the only car rated higher in safety than the Dart this year. Part of that is that it comes with 10 air bags, blind spot alert, cross-traffic detection, and a whole suite of electronic safety measures. The Dart is the first to introduce these items to the compact class.

The 2015 Dodge Dart is safe, elegant, and reliable. Dodge will probably roll out some major changes in the next couple of years, but for now this is plenty of car for even the most dedicated driver.