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Dodge SRT Viper GTS and TA For 2014

Dodge SRT Viper GTS and TA For 2014

While Dodge has been dropped from the powerful moniker, instead replaced with the legendary SRT branding, the Viper is a sports car that is unlike any other on the road today. Resurrected in 2013, the Viper was once known as a punishingly brutal car that made its drivers work to push the car to its limits.

Today, the Viper is a little bit more tamed in the GTS model series. To test drive a new Dodge SRT Viper, visit your Dodge Las Vegas Dealership.

The Viper TA—short for Track Attack—hopes to dispel those feelings of mediocrity and tepidness that have crept up with the new Viper. While it isn’t as powerful as the ACRs of yesterday, the Viper TA is virtually a street-legal track car ready to tear up the competition.

The TA starts out as a base Viper, which SRT chose because it is lighter, but builds upon many of the great features from the GTS. The TA gets dual-mode Bilstein dampers, the Advanced Aerodynamics package with carbon-fiber front splitters and rear spoiler and wheels and tires from the optional Track package as standard equipment.

SRT also tweaked the springs and anti-roll bars to be more track-friendly in the TA Viper. A carbon-fiber X-brace replaces the aluminum one under the hood. Sadly, the potent 640-horsepower 8.4-liter V-10 engine receives no upgrades.

The interior is not as flashy as the GTS and base models, eschewing for a more performance and utilitarian fit and finish.

While the Dodge SRT Viper TA and GTS starts at over $100,000, be sure to check out Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and their new Dodge inventory for the hottest cars.

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan vs. 2014 Toyota Sienna

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan vs. 2014 Toyota Sienna

The minivan market has never been truly exciting. They are the wagons of today, the laughing stock of the automotive world. However, they are lauded when they should be applauded for their innovative design and unmatched utility. In the minivan segment, there is no car more ubiquitous in the segment than the one that started it, the Dodge Grand Caravan, which can be found at your Chapman Dodge dealership.

What sets the two minivans apart is their approach to offering what they think is the best minivan possible. You have to know your market, and that is something Dodge knows quite well. First introduced in 1984, Dodge understands the needs of the minivan market unlike any other company.


When you look at the styling of 2014 Grand Caravan and 2014 Sienna, they are both unmistakably a minivan. Besides some trim work and creative styling, they are big, square boxes amply waiting for a load of pee-wee soccer players. The Sienna simply looks huge when parked next to the elegantly packaged Grand Caravan, yet both are nearly undistinguishable in size on the inside.

The two take vastly different paths when completing their interiors. The Dodge Grand Caravan has a utilitarian and functional interior that tosses aside laughable attempts of luxury for practicality and usability. A feature that the Sienna lacks is Dodge’s Stow’n’Go seating, where the seats easily fold for maximum cargo capacity.

The Sienna’s interior is a miss-matched vomit of colors and textures that tries to make its owners forget they bought a minivan and that they have to get little Jimmy to the school play by six.


When you think of minivans, you don’t think of blistering speeds and quick quarter-mile times, but a minivan has to be quick. It’s the car of choice for people merging onto highways and pulling out in front of semis to get to the Save-Rite for their Black Friday blowout sale on things people really don’t need. Both the Sienna and Grand Caravan come with either two- or all-wheel drive, depending on the trim level.

In the Grand Caravan, power is produced by a 3.6-liter V-6 engine, which produces 283 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. A 3.5-liter V-6 engine producing 266 horsepower and 245 lb-ft of twist powers the Sienna. With the Sienna be larger and, by default, heavier, it is slower than the spritely Grand Caravan is.

The 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan is the minivan for people who need to get things done, people who aren’t distracted by frivolous displays of faux luxury and forgetfulness. The Sienna is larger, lacking the innovative usage of interior space the Grand Caravan pioneered. Schedule a visit and test drive today at your Las Vegas Dodge dealership today.


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(Excerpts are from the Chapman Team Talk)


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2014 Ram 1500 vs. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, and 2014 Ford F-150

2014 Ram 1500

If you are in the market for a truck, then you need look no further than the 2014 Ram 1500. When compared to the competition, the Silverado 1500 and F-150, the Ram offers luxury, performance, and capability in a way the other two cannot. For more information on 2014 Ram trucks, visit your Chapman Dodge dealership today.

Packing a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine in its most popular guise and producing the most power (395hp) under the hood, the Ram offers capable performance and towing capacity. The Silverado and F-150 both sport a 5.3-liter and 5.0-liter V-8 engine, respectively.

The Ram is a worker’s delight. It offers both 115V and 12V outlets for various uses, while providing comfort, like dual power front seats. A level of comfort also comes from the rear suspension setup. While the Silverado and F-150 use leaf springs in their suspension, the Ram has air springs, which provides a serene, car-like ride.

The Ram can tow 9650 pounds, which makes it very capable for hauling duties.

Another unique feature to the Ram is its Uconnect system. Unlike systems in the other two, which are slow to respond and finicky, Uconnect offers a slick and easy-to-use interface for telematics and voice-activated phone and radio commands.

The Ram’s level of luxury also makes it one of the quietest trucks on the road, adding to its car-like experience.

The standard 8-speed transmission also sets the Ram apart from the competition. This 8-speed, which will slowly proliferate across other models in the Chrysler family, allows for better fuel economy and road going mannerisms.

Safety is another realm the Ram truly excels. There are ten airbags packed into the Ram. The Silverado and F-150 only have six available. The Ram also has an engine immobilizer in case of an accident—a feature lacking in the other two.

When looking for a new truck, the 2014 Ram 1500 is truly a wonderful vehicle. It offers luxury, performance, and safety in an elegant package that its competitors cannot do.