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2015 Dodge Dart builds on heritage

Dodge Dart

The 2015 Dodge Dart is an exciting, efficient, vehicle that builds on a heritage of quality, versatility, durability and performance. This compact sedan has a 55 year history of offering superior comfort, performance and handling. Originally released in 1960, the Dodge Dart was reimagined and rereleased in 2013 and immediately made a huge splash in the compact sedan segment. From the beginning 55 years ago, the Dodge Dart was known for incredible performance, innovative style, and the latest technological developments. The 2015 Dodge Dart continues in that tradition, and you should check one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas, so you can see that the tradition is alive and well.

With the Dart, Dodge has brought fluidity of movement, state-of-the-art design, and incredible performance to this class of automobiles that is nearly unseen elsewhere. The Dodge Dart has rich, evocative lines, dynamic curves, eye-catching exterior proportions, and advanced aerodynamics. The wind simply flows over and around the Dart resulting in improved gas mileage, superior handling and a higher level of agility. The 2015 Dodge Dart is beautiful to look at, fun to drive, and easy to afford. It’s an athletic, muscular, barely tamed tiger loping across the savannah waiting for the right time to pounce.

Based on Fiat architecture inspired by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the Dodge Dart sedan is built on a widened and lengthened platform and combines exceptional driving dynamics, safety, and agility with a level of interior roominess unmatched in its class. Add the latest in automotive technology to a body featuring projector headlights, tailored split-crosshair grille, accentuated fenders, fog lamps, dual exhaust, and Signature Dodge LED ‘racetrack’ tail-lamps that run across the entire width of the rear. It all helps to create a car with a personality as big as life.

The Dodge Dart gets its power from three fuel-efficient, state-of-the-art four-cylinder engines. They are the Tigershark 2.0 liter, Tigershark 2.4 liter, and the 1.4 liter MultiAir Intercooled Turbo engine. These are mated with a six-speed, standard C635 manual gearbox. Both the 2.0 liter and the 2.4 liter Tigershark engines have the option of using the 6F24 six-speed automatic transmission. The 1.4 liter MultiAir Turbo engine can use the dual dry clutch version of the C635 manual gearbox.

The passenger cabin has a driver-centric layout, heated steering wheel, comfort tuned seats, 8.4-inch Uconnect touch screen, auxiliary jacks, customizable displays, ambient lighting, and enough storage for phone, electronic devices, and all your gear. All that precision craftsmanship wrapped in quality materials create a warm, comfortable cockpit both drivers and passengers love.

There are also important safety features including front, side-impact, dual head curtain, and front passenger knee airbags, brake assist, traction control, electronic stability control, electronic roll mitigation, remote keyless entry, Bluetooth, rear backup camera, Garmin navigation, and push-button start. Blind-spot monitoring with rear cross path detection system and rear park assist system are safety options.

Come in and test drive the 2015 Dodge Dart and give yourself the opportunity to experience an American classic that’s been reborn.



Dodge has released pricing for its lineup of nine 2016 Challengers. They range from the Challenger SXT at $26,995 to the muscular Hellcat Challenger at $64,195. In between are Challengers in the sizes and styles and with the features to match any taste and need. While price increases are the norm for most vehicles, Dodge offers five of their nine 2016 models with all their technological updates and improvements for the same price as the 2015 versions of those automobiles. This is sure to please consumers that purchase these stylish, powerful and very durable automobiles.

The 2016 Dodge Challenger SXT remains priced at $26,995, the Challenger SXT Plus at $29,995, the Challenger RT at $31,995, the Challenger RT Plus at $34,995 and the Challenger Scat Pack at $37,995. All these 2016 models look and perform better and have more updated technology than the 2015 models they replaced, yet with all of those upgrades, Dodge continues to offer them at 2015 prices. These Challengers are powered by a 3.6 liter V6, 5.7 liter V8, or a 6.4 liter V8 engine. Plus, just like in 2015, for an additional $1,400, the vehicles can come equipped with optional 8-speed automatic transmissions, instead of 6-speed manual transmissions which come standard. To see all the equipment available and what you can get, check one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas. Once you do, you are sure to be very impressed as Dodge has thought of everything when it comes to the Challenger.

On two of the four vehicles which have price increases, the Challenger RT Shaker, which sells for $35,995 and the RT Plus Shaker which starts at $38,995, the increase is only $200. That additional cost is offset by improvements, upgrades, and add-ons to the 2016 versions of the vehicles. Customers who purchase the 2016 Challenger SXT or SE with all-wheel drive will actually pay less than they would have for the 2015 versions of those vehicles. The 2016 Challenger SE AWD is priced $750 less, and the 2016 Challenger SXT AWD is $1,000 less. Because the Challenger RT Shaker, RT Plus Shaker, SXT, SE, and Scat Pack are the bestselling Challengers, most of the 2016 Challengers sold will be available at 2015 prices.

Only the 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT and Hellcat Challenger models have significant price increases. The price of the 2016 Challenger SRT increased $3,500 from $46,695 to $50,195, and the Challenger Hellcat with it 707 horsepower Hemi engine saw its price increase $4,200 from $59,995 to $64,195. But the gas guzzler tax isn’t included in the price of the 2016 Hellcat. Plus, both the Hellcat and the SRT 392 have the new premium navigation infotainment system and Laguna leather seats. Consumers who pay $1,400 for the 8-speed automatic transmission for the Challenger SRT 392 will avoid the gas guzzler tax.

Overall, most 2016 Challenger models don’t have a price increase and do have lots of upgrades. Those Challengers that do see significantly higher prices also get thousands of dollars more in extras.

Viper ACR

The Dodge boys have done it again. The 2015 Dodge Viper is here, and it’s so fierce-looking, scary good and powerful, the uninitiated are afraid to even stand close to it. Its aggressive look, growling motor, and ability to go from 0 to 60 in a flash puts it in a class by itself. Its 645 horsepower, V10 engine is a beast that cranks out 600 pounds-foot of torque. The Viper has cutting-edge technology, superior ride and handling, and a gorgeous interior that envelops driver and passengers in luxury. Here are five incredible things about this car.

The Engine

Any discussion of the 2015 Dodge Viper ACR must start with the engine. The handcrafted, all-aluminum, 8.4 liter, V10 engine is a coiled serpent waiting to strike. It powers Dodge’s fastest street-legal Viper ever with top speeds in excess of 200 MPH. With 645 horsepower and torque of 600 pounds-feet, this manual controlled engine loves to run. And its new and improved engine is designed to run all day. Plus it goes from 0-60 in just over 3 seconds and pushes the Viper over a quarter mile in just over 11 seconds. To see how much power it has and how quickly you can zoom down the road, check one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

The Handling

Handling the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR is a breeze whether zooming along in a straight line or handling tight corners. That’s because the Viper comes with a five-mode electronic stability control system and a driver-selectable or single-mode high-performance suspension control. No matter the weather or the road conditions, the driver can adjust the track or street settings on the Bilstein® DampTronic® select shock absorbers and tame even the toughest terrain.

The Exterior

The body of the 2015 Dodge Viper is a study in aerodynamic efficiency, muscular good-looks, and style. It’s for high-speed driving. The Viper’s aerodynamic design coupled with its carbon fiber roof and hood and aluminum door panels make it lighter and faster. Its awe inspiring broad shoulders help it to slice through the wind with ease. Add its Venom matte black aluminum wheels, Viper exhaust pipe, and air intake hood, and you have a dynamic looking speed demon if the first order.

The Interior

The 2015 Dodge Viper ACR’s interior is a driver-oriented, racecar inspired blend of premium black, sepia, or demonic red leather, suede, or cloth, superior craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology designed to improve performance and comfort. From its lightweight, durable, high-performance racing seats, to its dash panel hand-wrapped in leather, this interior is created to make life easier and more exciting for both driver and passenger.

The Technology

The 2015 Dodge Viper is chock full of the latest infotainment technology. An 8.4-inch touchscreen, Uconnect® 8.4AN System, GPS Navigation, voice command, HD Radio™, Bluetooth streaming audio, hands-free calling+, Wi-Fi hotspot+, mobile access, downloadable apps, and standard SRT® Performance Pages are just the beginning.

All in all, the 2015 Dodge Viper will capture your mind, body, and soul as it’s truly an amazing sports car that offers it all.






Current UAW Agreement Shows Plant Shutting Down

Although Dodge has made no official announcement, slow sales of the super powerful Dodge SRT Viper are apparently leading to a discontinuation of production next year. Although the company has committed to producing more muscle cars with the introduction of the 700-plus horsepower Challenger and Charger Hellcat models, the lack of interest in the legendary Viper is evident as the company has only sold 546 for this model year through September. A proposed contract between FCA, Dodge’s parent company, and the United Auto Workers shows there might be another use for the Conner Avenue Plant in Detroit where the Viper is built. Check in with Chapman Dodge Las Vegas if you’re interested in purchasing a Viper before they go away.

Viper First Born as Concept Car in 1989

The vehicle that ultimately became the Dodge SRT Viper first burst onto the scene at the Detroit Auto Show in 1989, a 180-degree turn from other vehicles that Dodge was selling at the time. This was the era of the minivan and unremarkable sedans that sold but were entirely forgettable. The Viper concept was a vision from the future, aerodynamically impressive and ludicrously quick with its 8.0-liter V10 under the hood. Critics loved the design, the sheer power and the minimalistic features that put all the focus on the speed and handling. It took three more years before the Viper became a production vehicle, prompting “Car and Driver” magazine to call it “one of the most exciting rides since Ben Hur discovered the chariot.”

Dodge Adds More Comfort for Second Generation

The first edition of the Viper was built for speed, but was noticeably uncomfortable for both the driver and passenger. Dodge fixed that in 2003 when the second generation Dodge SRT Viper was born. There were some exterior changes, but the biggest difference was in creature comfort. The new Viper had a retractable cloth top. They also improved the comfort of the seats, rearranged the gauges to make more sense and provided an upgraded sound system. The new model was even quicker than the first generation, going from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds flat. Dodge released a coupe version of the Viper in 2006 and continued to add horsepower until they hit 600 horses in 2008. Dodge discontinued production of the vehicle in 2010 before bringing it back in 2013, so even though it looks like the end is near, the Viper might rise from the ashes again if gas stays cheap and people continue to buy the company’s muscle cars. See the Viper and all the other Dodge muscle cars by visiting Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

2015 Dodge Durango Citadel AWD, all SUV

Dodge Durango Citadel


In the 2015 Dodge Durango Citadel AWD, consumers gain the benefits of a comfortable, functional SUV. Built from the same vehicle architecture on which the Mercedes GL-Class was built, this utility vehicle provides plenty of rugged capabilities while offering exceptional road handling. Beautiful front-end styling ensures the Citadel stands out from the crowd.

Among the many features offered on the Citadel model are HD headlamps along with projector fog lamps to help you make your way in even poorly lit areas.

Music aficionados will be certain to love the optional Beats by Dr. Dre audio system, featuring 10 speakers and a subwoofer that is also available on the Citadel model.  To listen to the sound system, you can check out a Citadel at your local Chapman Dodge Las Vegas dealer.

The seven-passenger Citadel also offers the option of second-row captain’s chairs, which while reducing the passenger capacity to six, does provide more spacious seating in the second row.

Other features consumers are sure to note on the Citadel include the chrome grille and a base V6 engine with an optional V8. Automatic high beams are added as standard equipment on the Citadel model, along with a sunroof, automatic wipers, eight-way power front passenger seat, power-adjustable steering wheel, upgraded leather upholstery, ventilated front seats, and a navigation system.

In addition, consumers can select an optional Technology package on the Citadel, which adds forward collision alert, adaptive cruise control, and a blind-spot monitor with rear cross-path alert, helping to enhance safety in this model. With the forward collision warning system, a chime will sound and the brakes will activate to provide you with a warning whenever the system detects that a collision may be imminent. If you fail to respond to the warning provided by braking, the collision warning system will then apply the brakes automatically to either mitigate or avoid a collision.

All trims on the 2015 Dodge Durango, including the Citadel, offer a rear-seat Blu-ray/DVD entertainment system featuring dual video screens. Whether you’re making a trip across town or you have a longer road trip in mind, this built-in entertainment system makes it easy to keep the younger crowd entertained. There is even an HDMI input for each screen. Driver memory settings on the eight-way power front seats ensure you never have to worry about trying to find those settings you prefer.

Also optional on the Citadel model is a skid plate package that provides off-road protection. All Durango models, including the 2015 Citadel can also be outfitted with a complete towing package that features load-leveling rear shocks, a heavy-duty alternator and oil cooler, and a full-size spare tire. So, if you handle towing on a frequent basis, this is a package that is certainly worthy of consideration.

With a wide range of both standard and optional features, the 2015 Durango Citadel has much to recommend it, making this model an excellent value for consumers who are looking for a SUV with a blend of styling, safety, and power.