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Why the Hemi engine is still going strong

Hemi Engine


Whether you are a big fan of cars or not, you probably have heard of the Hemi engine.  It’s a powerful and reliable engine that has provided a lot of fun for vehicle owners. While true, the average person probably has no idea why the engine is well-liked and popular among car aficionados. Luckily, it’s easy to see why Dodge has relied on the engine for so long.

If you want to see the Hemi in action, you can do so if you check out a RAM 1500. With this well-built and powerful truck, one can see the Hemi in full action. For example, in the 1500, one can get a 395 horsepower 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine. With this, along with an eight-speed automatic, a truck owner can tow a lot, all while getting to his or her destination quickly.  In fact, with a Hemi-equipped RAM 1500, a motorist can get from 0-60 miles per hour in 7.4 seconds, which is pretty impressive considering that the RAM 1500 is not a small truck. So, for this reason alone, we can see that Hemi is a great engine for Dodge. And, if you drop by Chapman Dodge Las Vegas, you can hop in a car, truck or SUV and see how the hemi works for your driving style.

If you are a city dweller and don’t get excited over big trucks, you may not think that you should care about the Hemi engine. However, if you like fast sports cars, then you can get in on the Hemi too. The supercar SRT Hellcat comes with a V8 Hemi engine that packs 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. Since this is a best seller and a popular car that is selling in droves, one can see why the Hemi engine is still on top of the world. Simply put, the Hellcat is the most powerful muscle car ever, and Hemi is the main reason why.

While we can now see that Hemi engines are popular in sports cars and trucks alike, a lot of people probably have no idea why this is the case.  One reason why the Hemi engine is still around is because it offers plenty of power, all while giving the driver decent fuel economy. Yes, while truck buyers and SUV buyers are not usually obsessed with MPG, a vehicle owner with a Hemi engine will get decent fuel economy as the engines are more efficient than other brands.  Since fuel economy is important to a lot of buyers, Dodge knows this and has worked hard on the Hemi. At the same time, the engines, as we can see, put out a ton of horsepower and torque. Since people are still obsessed with power and speed, look for the Hemi to stick around for a long time as people get the best of both worlds.

When looking at the Hemi, we can see that it’s popular as ever, and it’s great in both cars and trucks. Since it’s now in the fastest muscle car ever, look for the Hemi to grow in popularity.


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