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Why the Dodge Journey is better than a boring minivan

2016 Journey

Three decades ago Dodge/Chrysler introduced the minivan to the motoring public and changed the world forever. Well with the debut of the new Dodge Journey get ready for another automotive sea change. Automotive analysts and experts are tripping all over themselves trying to find words to describe the Dodge Journey and a pigeon hole to fit it into. But they’re not having much luck. How do you define the undefinable quality that the Dodge Journey has unleashed on the automotive world. Some call it an SUV. Others think it the minivan redesigned. Some call it a crossover. But they all agree it’s an incredible automobile. To see how you feel about the Dodge Journey, check one out at Chapman Dodge.

Dodge has never been afraid to break new ground and blaze new trails when it comes to automotive design. Let the crowds argue if the Dodge Journey is just a slight detour in their minivan and SUV design or an entirely new direction. All the Journey owners know is it’s the perfect automobile for their needs. It’s large enough to fit everything they need. Powerful enough to zip through city or highway traffic. Durable enough for whatever the road or the weather throws at them. And stylish enough to go anywhere. Plus it’s the perfect size to make parking anywhere a breeze. While it is easy to read about it, check one out in person at a Las Vegas Dodge dealership.

When it comes to fuel economy, the Journey offers it in spades. The Euro-version of the Dodge Journey with its diesel powered engine gets as much as 40 miles per gallon. In North America there are two versions of this versatile vehicle available. One is a 4-cylinder model with a 2.4 liter, 173 horsepower engine, and a 4-speed automatic transmission that averages about 21 mpg and a V6, 3.5 liter engine which has 235 horses and averages about 19 mpg. The V6 models are available with two-wheel and all-wheel drive to make doing whatever you’re doing just a little bit easier.

The 2016 Dodge Journey comes in 4 different models. They are the SE, SXT, Crossover, and Crossover Plus. No matter which one you choose you’ll find a surprisingly roomy interior that seats 7 and has all the creature comforts you want. That includes available leather trimmed soft touch surfaces, dual-zone climate control, and up to 67 cubic feet of cargo space. The Journey keeps passengers safe with stability control, electronic roll mitigation, brake assist, traction control, and a rearview parking camera. Plus there’s an amazing infotainment system, connectivity galore, and Wi-Fi that turns your Journey into a rolling hotspot.

The exterior of the 2016 is proof-positive this is no minivan. It’s muscular-looking, aerodynamic, and stylish. It has loads of accents like heated mirrors, Ring of Fire LED taillights, an 8′ by 4′ roof rack, and a choice between 17 inch and 19 inch wheels. It’s the Journey’s superior handling and performance that makes it so hard to classify and makes minivans look and feel old, outdated, and slow by comparison. When you want roominess, comfort, safety, great handling and performance, along with style, forget the minivan. Get a 2016 Dodge Journey.

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