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Why Active-Level™ Four-Corner Air Suspension makes Dodge Ram the best


The 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 has an Active-Level™ Four-Corner air suspension system. This allows it to safely and easily carry any type of load. This class-exclusive feature is one of the reasons Dodge Ram is considered to be among the best trucks in its class.

This advanced piece of engineering gives the 2016 Ram 1500 five distinctive operational modes. This provides the ability to control each of the truck’s four corners individually, creating a superior ride, regardless of what’s being carried in the bed of the truck. The system’s automatic load leveling ensures a horizontal plane is maintained under heavy payloads. Plus it helps to improve the truck’s capability as well as maintain exceptional performance.

Drivers can use adjustable air springs to raise or lower the truck to any one of its five ride height settings based on where their work or play takes them. Plus the vehicle is able to deliver consistently even forward illumination and proper headlamp-to-road angle because of its constant driving profile. Conveniently placed dashboard buttons allow drivers to easily control all those activities with just their fingertips. This improves safety at night and in inclement weather. This new Active-Level™ Four-Corner air suspension system is just one more way Dodge protects people driving the Ram 1500 and makes them more comfortable.

The Five Modes

The five modes available in the new system for moving varying load weights down the road are Normal Ride Height, Aero, Off-Road 1, Off-Road 2 and Entry/Exit. Each of these modes is designed to address specific conditions or situations drivers may encounter day or night while using the 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 for business or pleasure. Should they need to change modes to increase safety, comfort or otherwise improve their driving experience, all drivers have to do is push one of the conveniently located buttons and the truck’s new system automatically makes the desired change. Test one out today at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas, and you are sure to have a ball.

Normal Height Ride

This mode offers the most comfortable balance between ride and handling during everyday driving.


When cruising along at highway speeds, this mode lowers the vehicle -0.6 inches automatically to reduce aerodynamic drag as well as “body roll”. This helps to measurably improve the truck’s fuel efficiency.

Off-Road I

When taking the Dodge Ram 1500 off the beaten path, this mode raises the front 1.2 inches and the rear 0.9 inches to provide extra clearance and outstanding ride balance.

Off-Road 2

If either work or play activities take the Ram off-road down rugged paths and over trails requiring more ground clearance, this mode raises the truck 2 inches more, which improves approach, departure and breakover angles.


This mode makes it easier to get into or out of the Dodge Ram 1500, hook up a trailer or load the bed by automatically lowering the front of the truck by 2.1 inches and the rear by 1.7 inches. To add even more comfort and convenience, Entry/Exit mode can be manually controlled by the internal button bank or remotely using the key fob.

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