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Watch The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Hit an Impressive 200+ MPH

Dodge_Dadeland_SRT_HellcatThe vehicle industry was surprised when they heard that the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat couldn’t hit 200 MPH. What…what? You mean the Challenger Hellcat, the newest and most powerful consumer vehicle in the world, couldn’t exceed this speed? Well, those were the rumors. But all of that came to an end when a video was captured showing the SRT Hellcat hitting an impressive 202 MPH. This led industry experts to question whether the vehicle’s top speed, which was originally 199 MPH, should have in fact been a little more.

When the Dodge SRT Hellcat originally came out, there was no denying its 707 HP engine. But one of the biggest problems that some people had about the vehicle was whether or not it was actually powerful. After all, it did sport a large frame; so using that HP might have proved to be a little difficult. At last, all of these rumors can finally come to an end because we now know that the Challenger SRT Hellcat is race worthy. It’s able to crack the 200 MPH barrier, suggesting that the vehicle’s official top speed is a little “off.”

The video itself showed the Challenger SRT Hellcat racing on the infamous K&N testing facility. On top of that, it shows the vehicle’s speedometer hitting an impressive 202 MPH while in 8th gear. Now, what conclusions can we make from this? First, it isn’t likely that the Challenger SRT Hellcat can hit this speed anywhere else other than this track. After all, there isn’t much open road out there. But this is still very impressive, and isn’t going to deter enthusiasts from getting behind the wheel of this new, sleek, and powerful vehicle. Visit Chapman Dodge to test drive one yourself.

Secondly, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was able to achieve this speed while driving against the wind. Yes, you read that correctly – against the wind. Could the vehicle have possibly achieved a better top speed if the wind conditions had been a little better? It’s difficult to say, but common sense tells us that it probably would have performed much better. Moving all 4,500 pounds of the new Challenger isn’t easy. You need some serious horsepower to be able to do that, so when you hear of a vehicle like this achieving such an outstanding top speed, it really makes you turn your head. Check out Chapman Dodge for a large selection of Dodge Charger inventory.

Even better is the fact that this vehicle is also perfect for everyday use. Its fuel economy is much better than you probably think, and it handles quite well. And since it comes installed with the latest and greatest safety features, you’ll be able to experience a little more piece of mind while on the road. The vehicle is also quite comfortable on the inside, and offers all of the amenities that everyday drivers could ever want or need. This is all the more reason to get your hands on this captivating, powerful, and aesthetically appealing vehicle.

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