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The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races an F-15 Fighter Jet

2015-dodge-challenger-srt-srt-with-hellcat-engine-news-car-and-driver-photo-599959-s-429x262Miami, Florida has an established reputation of being one of the better-known tourist destinations in the world. Sunny beaches, beautiful weather, and endless nightlife are a few of the many reasons why people come here. But recently, something else spectacular happened in this city: the mighty Dodge Challenger Hellcat raced against an F-15 fighter jet. While the Challenger Hellcat didn’t win, it definitely helped show just how powerful this 707-horsepower vehicle is.

The weather on that particular Friday was less than optimal, which could be one of the reasons why the Hellcat couldn’t keep up. But it was an impressive performance nonetheless. As the F-15 Fighter jet parked on the tarmac, rain began to fall much more than originally expected. Some areas of the tarmac contained more water than the Hellcat may have been comfortable with. If the weather had been a little dryer, it’s likely that the race would have been a little closer – at least for the first quarter mile or so.

Just remember: once an F-15 fighter jet starts picking up speed, there’s no way to catch it – even if you are the fastest consumer vehicle in the world. But to even say that you were in a race with a fighter jet just shows how qualified the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat really was. Even though it didn’t win, it did keep up quite well considering the circumstances, and everyone can agree that there’s nothing wrong with that.

Many people refer to the Hellcat as being a “beast” on the road. With its 707-horserpower engine, there’s no denying that this is true. But is it really a good choice for the average, everyday user? First and foremost, it’s important to note that the Hellcat is priced at less than $60,000, which is astonishing considering the amount of power that it has. A year ago, it would have been impossible to purchase a vehicle with as much horsepower for less than $100,000, so its value alone is well worth the investment.

Another thing that you’re probably interested in is its fuel economy. You might be surprised to hear that the Hellcat gets about 13 MPG in the city and about 21 MPG on the highway. This is quite respectable! This means that you can still experience the power and torque that you want without sacrificing fuel economy (that much).

Can you live with it on a day-to-day basis without getting speeding tickets or into accidents? As with most things in life, the safety associated with the Hellcat depends on you. If you treat the vehicle with respect, there’s no reason what it can’t be used on a regular basis. And if it can keep up with an F-15 fighter jet, it’s definitely a vehicle that you’ll want to consider owning. Learn more at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

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