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The next generation of Dodge Challengers is likely to include a hybrid version of this iconic automobile. So says Mike Manley, the new boss at FCA. This is a little surprising to many people because of Detroit’s Big Three, Dodge is the only one that has continued to keep the true muscle car heritage and purpose alive. Dodge has continued to produce their high-horsepower, straight-line, incredible behemoths that deliver the deafening roar and the barely street-legal performance with their impressive Challenger and Charger models while the Mustang and Camaro have become tame.

People Love Muscle Cars

While the competition has gone mainstream and seen their sales begin dropping, sales of the old-school-cool Challenger rose. And even while Dodge continues to crank out the exciting, crowd-pleasing, high-horsepower, muscle cars, FCA is finding a way to create some electric options for the next generation. Manley hinted that by the mid 2020s FCA will have new platforms, technology and powertrains in their vehicles that will be supplemented by electrification. A electrified muscle car is in the future for the FCA lineup. Dodge isn’t giving up on powerful automobiles, it’s simply augmenting and transforming the power source.

Adding Electrification To The Formula

FCA boss Mike Manley said electrification will be in the American muscle car’s formula in the future. But it won’t be the dominant part. While in the future American muscle cars won’t be powered by V8, supercharged, 700-horsepower engines, Manley explained, the gasoline engine will still play a role for a little bit longer. Visionaries see electrified Challenges with gasoline engines assisted by 48-volt systems or even plug-in hybrid versions of the Challenger, Charger and other classic American muscle cars. But for now Dodge will keep cranking out the 707 horsepower V8 Hellcat and insane versions of the Redeye and Demon.

Change Is Coming

While Dodge continues to keep the American muscle car from disappearing by producing exciting, powerful new versions every year, change is coming. Manley didn’t give details about the electrification of Dodge’s muscle cars, but many envision some of the last vehicles to go full-electric will be the Challenger and the Charger. Dodge will continue to keep the original muscle car intent alive even as they transition to electrification. They have continued to make considerable updates and refreshes, but eventually becoming an electrified vehicle may push Dodge to change its iconic platform and underpinnings.

The Mid 2020s

The timeframe FCA’s Mike Manley mentioned was the mid 2020s. That gives muscle car enthusiasts some time to enjoy Dodge’s beautiful 700 horsepower speed demons. With news of a Mustang Hybrid being released in 2020 and an electrified Camaro in the works, FCA’s announcement about adding electrification to the Challenger is the last domino to fall. It’s the end of one era and the beginning of another. With FCA’s Manley talking about new platforms, powertrains and technology with electrification as a non-dominant ingredient, it sounds like Dodge will find a way for its muscle cars to continue to reign even with electrification. If you are intriuged and want to check out any Dodge, you can do so at Chapman Las Vegas Dodge.


The Dodge Challenger was first released in 2008 as the “new” muscle car for Dodge. The sleek car, powered with a Hemi engine, was quickly a best seller, and demand continued to rise for the car each and every month. Now, 10 years after its release and with only one “upgrade” to its credit, the Dodge Challenger remains one of the hottest selling muscle cars on the market today.

Muscle cars are changed every few years to keep the interest of buyers, Mustang, Camaro and even Corvettes release new body styles and major changes every few years to spark interest for buyers and entice current owners to upgrade to the newer model. On averag,e these cars see major changes take place every three or four years.

The Challenger, however, has only had one upgrade in 2015, seven years after its initial release. The upgrade fine-tuned all the amenities that Challenger already offered and really didn’t change the body style. Yet it was a success. Challenger sales increased that year as well and have continued to outpace other muscle cars on the market. No matter what type of Dodge Challenger you want, you can take one for a test drive at Las Vegas Dodge.

So why is the Dodge Challenger outperforming other muscle cars in sales? There are three really good reasons.

Raw Hemi Power

The Dodge Challenger offers four different V8 engines. Two of these engines offer more horsepower than any other muscle car on the market. The Challenger gives buyers a choice of the Hemi Demon 840 horsepower engine, the Hellcat 707 horsepower engine, as well as the Hemi 485 and 375 horsepower engines. For those who do not want the raw power of a V8, Challenger also offers a V6 model.

In comparison, the Mustang offers two V8 engines at 526 and 450 horsepower. Chevy also only offers two V8 engines that are 455 and 650 horsepower.

The Hemi engine has the ability to draw people that are seeking very powerful engines, those who are not loyal to any specific brand and those who are loyal only to Hemi. The engine is perhaps the top reason for the success of Challenger.

Trim Options

It is not unusual for a car to offer 10 or 11 variations to encourage more people to become interested in their product. The Mustang, for example currently offers 6 coupe and 4 convertible variations and Camaro offers 6 coupe and 5 convertible variations. The Dodge Challenger, however, offers 16 variations of its coupe style. The Challenger does not offer a convertible version.

While this may seem like a ridiculous amount of variations, Dodge has mastered being able to attract a larger variety of buyers by literally making something available for everyone. Buyers can go in and really buy the car of their dreams without having to settle for more or less than what they really wanted. This availability of choice is a real attraction to many buyers.

The 2015 Upgrade Was A Success

When Dodge refreshed the Challenger in 2015, the upgrades they made were fabulous. Not only did they add two more types of engines to the choice package, but they also improved the appearance of the car by adding LED taillights, projection headlights, while retaining the lines that gave the body its distinct appearance.

The upgrade also improved the comfort level within the car while still having a very muscle car appearance. Buyers absolutely loved the upgrades and sales have continued to improve since the upgrades and have not stopped since.


Dodge Challenger is making their Shaker cars even more outstanding. The company is now adding new Shakedown package stripes. Dodge turned a lot of heads in 2016 when the company decided to bring one of their custom 1971 Dodge Challengers and display it at the SEMA show that’s called the Shakedown. The vehicle the company brought seamlessly combined the classic Challenger body with parts from the modern Challenger. The combination was such a huge success, Dodge was inspired to give buyers the opportunity to get one that looks just like it. And, if you want to get your own Dodge Challenger, you can head down to Chapman Las Vegas Dodge and see one for yourself.

The Dodge Challenger at the SEMA show had a shaker hood scoop as well as a group of stripes on one side. The size of the stripes gradually decreased and gave the vehicle a feeling of movement and vibration. That unique design clearly got a good reception from Dodge Challenger fans. So much so that Dodge has decided to produce a set of stripes similar to the ones it used of the show car and offer it on their modern Shaker Challengers. The stripes are now available as part of a package that bears the Shakedown name.

Dodge is now making this new Shakedown package available for 2018. However, it will only be available on the Dodge Challengers that come with what’s called the shaker hood scoop. The vehicles included in this group are the Dodge R/T Shaker, as well as the R/T Plus Shaker and the 392 Scat Pack Shaker. And just like they were on the concept vehicle, all of the new stripes are on only one side of the car and they wrap around the Challenger’s iconic hood scoop. One difference between the concept car and the production model is that all the stripes are one color. On the ’71 custom car, one of the stripes was red.

Along with adding the stripes as part of the Shakedown package, the Challengers will also feature white-face gauges as well as an Alpine audio system that features significant upgrades. The Alpine audio system on the new models of the R/T and the R/T Plus comes with a 275-watt amplifier in combination with six speakers. On the new Scat Pack, there’s a booming 506-watt amplifier and nine speakers scattered about the vehicles as part of the Alpine audio system. This is enough to turn the Scat Pack into a party on wheel and keep the occupants and everyone within earshot thoroughly entertained.

Buyers looking to add the Shakedown package to their new Dodge Challenger only have to shell out $995. That’s a small price to pay for the unique style, flashy look and additional entertainment the package provides. The stripes in the Shakedown package come in any of the colors in which the Challenger Shaker is available.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Dodge has announced it has revived the popular colors B5 Blue and Plum Crazy. Buyers can get their 2018 Chargers and Challengers in those colors regardless of the trim level they choose.


Dodge has long been one of America’s biggest, best known and most beloved automotive car maker. For decades, Dodge has made a huge mark in the automotive world with amazing cars known for speed, power, style and comfort. One of Fiat Chrysler Automotive’s most iconic cars is the Dodge Challenger. Americans have been in love with the Challenger for years and have been waiting with bated breath for the latest version of the popular car. Well the wait is over, and Challenger lovers are in for a major surprise that’s sure to be appreciated. The 2017 Dodge Challenger will feature all-wheel drive.

The Rumor Is True

About a month ago, there was a rumor reported by Road and Track that FCA was going to release an all-wheel drive version of the Dodge Challenger. That rumor was accidentally confirmed recently by the Environmental Protection Agency. A visit to the EPA website shows the agency has posted a range of details about what can be expected on the 2017 Dodge Challenger. This unexpected revelation has led to lots of excitement and inquiries to Dodge dealers about when the public will have an opportunity to see and test-drive this newest version of the Dodge Challenger. While the EPA revelation may not have been FCA’s plan, car enthusiasts were glad to get the information.

A Select Portion

While the EPA website has divulged helpful information for the Dodge Challenger loving segment of the public, the data released shows that the changes in the 2017 Dodge Challenger come with a catch. That catch is not all the 2017 Dodge Challenger GTs will feature all-wheel drive. According to the information provided in the EPA report, only the Dodge Challenger models that have the V6 3.6-liter engine will feature all-wheel drive initially. However, that may change as production of this beloved automobile continues to be ramped up.

The New Specifications

Although all-wheel drive is the feature that most Dodge Challenger lovers are anticipating most anxiously, the 2017 models offers many more intriguing specifications that they are sure to love. Courtesy of Autoblog, the source of the confirmation of the information about Dodge’s 2017 Challenger GT, it was also revealed the vehicle will produce a fuel efficiency rate that offers about 18 miles per gallon when the vehicles traverses city streets and a whopping 27 miles per gallon when it hits the highway. That gives the vehicle a combined rate that’s a very respectable 21 miles per gallon. Check one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas, and you are sure to fall in love with the new rear wheel drive version.

The Rear-Wheel Drive Advantage

For people who choose the 2017 Dodge Challenger that is equipped with the same V6 3.6-liter engine but opt for the rear-wheel drive model, the Autoblog report noted that the mileage that vehicle gets is even better. The report states that the rear-wheel drive version of the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT gets as much as 19 miles per gallon in city driving and a record of 30 miles per gallon in highway driving. No matter which version of the new Challenger you choose, expect improved fuel-efficiency.


The 2017 Dodge Challenger isn’t just another powerful, good-looking automobile. It’s also one of the safest on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just gave it an overall safety rating of five-stars. That’s the highest score an automobile can earn in the NHTSA vehicle-evaluation program. This is the fifth time the Dodge Challenger has been awarded the overall safety rating of five stars out of five. This rating reflects FCA and Dodge’s commitment to the safety of the drivers and passengers in its automobiles. But, despite the fact that it’s a safe car, it’s also a fun one to drive, and you can see for yourself at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas

Dodge has long been known for its high-performance, extremely comfortable, stylish automobiles. Now the company is making its Dodge Challenger an even better value. The 2017 Dodge Challenger’s high-strength steel structure plays a significant role in the vehicle being rated five-stars in both side impact tests performed by the NHTSA. In addition to that, it has 70 other safety and security features available. They include Rear Cross Path detection, Blind-Spot Monitoring and Forward Collision Warning. This shows the company’s commitment to occupant safety in its vehicles.

The combination of the sporty Challenger’s carefully integrated side-guard door beams and its body structure that’s about 60% high-strength steel led to the vehicle’s top-rated performance in the side-impact testing carried out by the NHTSA. The NHTSA simulated collisions with other vehicles at 62 miles per hour and with a pole at 32 miles per hour as part of its testing. The Challenger earned their five star rating, the organization’s highest in each of the test. This should help to give occupants the peace of mind knowing they’re safe no matter what happens.

The 2017 Challenger’s supplementary restraint systems also played a role in its high crash safety rating. Having standard equipment like side airbags for both the driver and front passenger on all trim levels of the new Challenger also contributed the car’s stellar performance on the NHTSA safety tests. The NHTSA also made note of the availability of a forward Collision Warning system with forward-facing sensors programmed to detect a pending frontal collision. The vehicle alerts the driver by transmitting both audio and visual warnings, and the system pre-fills the brakes when it senses an imminent collision.

The 2017 Dodge Challenger offers blind spot warning employers sensors to help the driver when they are passing, being passed or changing lanes. When the sensors pick up a vehicle in the blind spot, icons on the side-view mirrors light-up and a chime sounds. When in reverse and the driver is backing the Challenger out of a parking space, the Rear Collision Path detection warns of passing traffic. These systems have helped the Dodge Challenger to receive a five-star rating every year it was awarded since 2008.

Dodge is America’s mainstream performance brand. The brand is focused on its roots in performance on all of its models and by adding SRT it has created complete and balanced performance. Whether you choose Dodge full-sized SUVs, Crossovers, minivans or muscle cars, the brand delivers class-exclusive technology, best-in-class horsepower, cool features and unmatched capability.