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If you want a workhorse truck that you can also take out on weekends, you are pretty limited when it comes to your choices. But, the 2015 Dodge Ram is one truck that does it all. If you are hunting for your next truck, you should consider the 2015 Ram 2500 diesel. Here are a few things that make it one of the best trucks on the planet.

Now, if you like an old school truck that can get you where you want to go, you should check out the 2500. When you get in, you can get mud into it as the rubber floor is easy to clean, and it won’t take but a minute to sweep it out. This is in stark contrast to a carpeted truck with all leather. Furthermore, with vinyl seats and a mechanical seat adjustment, you are not going to impress a date with the truck. But, what you can do is keep your truck clean and you can go to and from the job site without a care in the world. To see how simple, yet refined, the inside of a Ram 2500 Diesel is, you can go to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and take a peek yourself.

As you probably know, if you want to get a truck, you are going to have to sacrifice ride quality. Yes, when behind the wheel of a truck, it’s not going to feel like a luxury car. But, the experience is not a bad one, and the 2015 Ram 2500 diesel offers you a smooth ride that can make you feel like you are in a smaller and sleeker vehicle. Not only that, with this truck, you can easily maneuver in and around city streets, all while towing up to 17,970 pounds.

As mentioned, the interior is nothing to get excited about, though it is clean, comfortable and very practical. Don’t worry, you still get plenty of technology with this model. In the past, this was not the case, but the new 2500 diesel has an 8.4-inch touchscreen radio. With this, the driver is in complete control, and he or she can enjoy the truck to the fullest. Luckily, if you go on long road trips, you will have more fun as the radio also has Sirus XM Satellite Radio compatibility, hands-free calling, and even navigation. Simply put, you can run your business while on the road.

While you may like tech and drivability, you are going to buy a Ram for heavy work. You are in luck as the Dodge Ram 2500 diesel can tow nearly 18,00 pounds, and the maximum GVWR is an extremely impressive 10,000 pounds. This means, when you take your 2015 Ram 2500 diesel out, you can pretty much do what you want, and this truck stands out from the crowd when it comes to towing and power.

If you want to buy a new truck, check out the 2015 Ram 2500 diesel. It’s a high-powered machine that you can take to the job site or drive around town on the weekend.