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Stocking stuffers for a RAM owner

Ram in mud

If you have a friend or family member who owns a RAM, you probably realize how much they love their truck. With a RAM, one can go off-roading and can get day-to-day work done. At the same time, a RAM is a great family or commuting vehicle. With that being said, with a few accessories, one can make their experience even more fun. Here are five stocking stuffers you can get a RAM owner.

A wax kit

When your RAM owner friend goes off-roading or puts his or her truck through the worst, it is likely to cause the paint to look a little worn. No worries on that end. With a wax kit, one can bring back that shine to their truck. Since this is an inexpensive gift, you can easily impress your family member or friend who has a RAM, and they are sure to love it once they clean up the paint a little. Once you see your friend or family member wax their Dodge, you may fall in love and want your own. You are in luck as you can get a brand new RAM at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

Windshield wipers

While it isn’t easy to stuff windshield wipers into a stocking, it won’t hurt his or her feelings if they are sticking out a bit. Almost everyone doesn’t replace their windshield wipers on time, and it’s certainly easy to forget this if you live in the desert. But, with this small investment, you can ensure that your RAM owning friend is safe and sound on the road.

Mud flaps

Again, this is another item that is not easy to conceal. However, your recipient will surely have a hard time concealing his or her smile when they see a pair of mud flaps. This is not only an accessory to look cool; mud flaps can protect the RAM, and it can help the owner avoid problems if he or she kicks up mud or small rocks. Remember, RAM trucks can take you off the road, but you will want  mud flaps to protect the paint and body.

Window tinting

By buying a gift certificate for window tinting, you can ensure that you’re RAM owning friend or family member can drive in comfort and style. You should know state laws before you proceed, but most shops will help you determine the level of tint allowed. Then, when the RAM owner must drive in the sweltering and everlasting summer sun, he or she won’t have to worry about getting blinded around every corner, and this makes the road safer for all of us.

K&N Air filter

Finally, if you want to give your RAM owning friend a little extra oomph on the road, you should get them a K&N Air filter. Since it gives the RAM more air, it gives it a bit more power. Not only that, the K&N Air filter is easily re-usable and one can simply wash it off. This is both money-saving and good for the planet. If your recipient doesn’t know how to change the filter, don’t worry, it’s easy to put in the K&N Air filter if you just follow the simple instructions.

So there you have it, five great and cost-effective stocking stuffers that are sure to impress any RAM owner.

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