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Renegades Embody Jeep Spirit of Adventure


Capable Small SUV Inspires Action

Renegade. The word is the equivalent of “troublemaker” to some, but to others it just means a person who follows his own path without concern to what the rest of the world thinks. Jeep’s newest addition to its trail-busting lineup has earned the name Renegade, and it’s inspiring creative people all over the world to follow their dreams and create their own adventure. Visit Chapman Dodge Las Vegas to see how this compact SUV can inspire you to follow your own drummer.

Social Media Mavens Turn Followers Into Friends

Craig Hensel, Eric Ward and Ricky Staub are all experienced Instagram users with thousands of followers. They love telling stories with pictures, so it was a natural fit to hook up with Jeep and drive a pair of Renegades from Chicago to Pismo Beach, meeting up with followers along the way. Some of the trip was on freeways, but most was on back roads that offered some stunning photographs of landscapes, night skies and even wildlife. Check out some of the pictures for yourself at

Jeep Follows Adventurers Blazing New Trails

Kayaker Steve Fisher, surfer Kai Lenny and wing suit flyer Rex Pemberton were the perfect choices for Jeep to follow as they met new challenges and showed their Renegade spirit. Pemberton, an experienced wing suit flyer, took the challenge of staying aloft without power to an entirely new level as he attempted to soar from Los Angeles to Catalina Island. Follow his adventures here. Kai Lenny’s first name actually means “ocean.” He first started surfing at age 4, and is now a champion in multiple surfing events. Watch as Jeep follows him in his attempt to paddleboard 115 miles in one day from Oahu to Maui. Steve Fisher started kayaking at age 6 in his native South Africa. From insane rapids to more insane waterfalls, there are few waterways that make him think twice. He and his team were the first to attempt to kayak the dangerous waterways of the Merced River in Yosemite National Park. See his journey here.

Whatever Your Adventure, Attack it in a Jeep

While the Jeep Wrangler remains the best choice for serious off-road adventures, its new little sibling is quickly becoming a favorite among people who want a daily driver that’s also tough enough for trails. The Renegade is a fun little SUV that comes with cool features like removable roof panels so you can let nature be part of your adventure. Check out the new Renegade and all the latest Jeep models by taking a trip to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

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