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Ram will sell ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’ 1500 pickup, but only in Texas

Ram 1500


The Dodge Ram is known for its guts and glory. But it offers much more than that. It also has superior handling, top of the class performance, style and good looks. And if you live in Texas, it’s now available in Rose of Texas yellow. Yes Dodge has expanded the Ram 1500’s color catalogue to give a special nod to Texans. In the past the growl of the Ram’s powerful engine had people ducking and running. Now with the Rose of Texas exterior paint at least they’ll have a chance to see the 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 coming and going. The ground shaking and rushing wind they’ll just have to get used to. To see every Ram available, come down to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and get behind the wheel of one.

The new Rose of Texas pick-up will only be available on the 4X4 Crew Cab and 4X2 half ton models of Ram 1500. There is already a groundswell of interest in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona and Dodge anticipates these yellow pick-ups will be blossoming all over the Southwest in the coming months. It’s not only the color of the 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 that’s attracting buyers, the power, handling, and performance are major reasons for the demand for this brand new Dodge pick-up. Whether people in Texas and surrounding states are looking for a truck for work or recreation, the Dodge Ram 1500 fits the bill. Since Ram Trucks are durable and long-lasting, you are sure to fall in love with any that you buy.

Although the Rose of Texas Dodge Ram 1500 has an aesthetic that appeals to people throughout the Southwest, the pick-up truck is apparently Dodge’s special gift to the Lone Star state. This handsome, powerful yellow 1500 with a Lone Star badge and a map of Texas in red, white, and blue, will only be available in Texas much to the chagrin of Dodge truck lovers everywhere. But its Texas Ranger themed interior and authentic silver Mexican five-pesos coin in the interior door panels have special meaning for Texans and those that love Texas.

There is a good reason Ram is paying so much attention to Texas and releasing a version of its popular 1500 that will only be available in the Lone Star state. Texas is the truck sales capital of the United State. Almost 20% of all trucks sold in the U.S. is bought in Texas. Currently Ram trucks are a strong third in the Texas market behind the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado. So by marketing the Rose of Texas Yellow Dodge Ram 1500 exclusively in Texas the company is looking to work its way deeper into the hearts, minds, driveways, and work sites of Texans. It’s a tactic the company used successfully about a decade ago.

There’s no place like Texas. There are things found in more abundance here than in any other part of the country. One of those things is the truck. In other parts of the U.S. trucks make up about one in 10 vehicles sold. In Texas trucks are one out of every 5 automobiles bought. With their Rose of Texas yellow Ram 1500, Dodge is working to increase its market share.

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