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Ram announces Dodge Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport

Ram Stinger Yellow






The Ram brand is a strong one that has stood the test of time. Whether you take your Ram out all the time in the city or you want to make it your workhorse, you will not regret buying one. However, while the brand remains strong and well-loved, if you are looking for a little more excitement, you can find it. Just recently, Ram announced the Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport, and there is reason to get excited for this limited edition offering.

In the past, if you were looking for a new Ram and wanted a yellow version, you were limited to one option, the Yellow Rose of Texas edition. However, times have really changed, and you can now if you want a crew-cab Ram 1500, you can buy the limited-edition Stinger Yellow Ram 1500 Sport. If you can’t wait or are in the market for a normal Ram, you can check one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

There are multiple options with the Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport as you can get the 4×4 or 4×2 options, which both have 395 horses and a 5.7 liter V-8 Hemi with an automatic transmission. The four-wheel drive options ride on 20-inch wheels, and the RWD gives you a set of 22s. Included in the deal is dual chrome-tipped pipes as well as a vented sports hood. Once inside, you will enjoy the black cabin features and yellow accents. Also included is body-color stitching and Uconnect with navigation and a rear-view camera. All in all, with the limited-edition Stinger Yellow Ram 1500 Sport, you can enjoy both luxury and power. At the same time, you will enjoy a host of safety equipment so you can drive your friends and family around with ease.

The great thing about the Dodge Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport is that you can take it off the pavement, or you can drive it to and from your work. It can also be a workhorse truck that allows you to tow your toys, or work equipment around, with ease. With a little polishing and washing, you can keep the paint pristine. Though, again, any off-road enthusiast or person who uses it to work will probably dirty up the Ram, and that is okay as the interior is comfortable and quiet and makes up for a little mud.

While you may want to get your hands on one, you must realize that, as of now, this is a limited edition version. This means that you cannot expect them to be ready for purchase all the time. If you are in the mood for one, you should head to your local Dodge dealer now as they are sure to be popular, as most Ram versions are well-received.

If you are in the mood for a truck that offers a little more, you are sure to love the limited-edition Stinger Yellow Ram 1500 Sport. You should test drive one now so you can feel the power and smooth shifting transmission. Coupled with the Dodge name and a reliable track record, and this is a must-buy for anyone who wants it all from there truck, including style!

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