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Only slight changes ahead for the Challenger and Charger

Dodge Challenger and Charger

All-too-often, a lot of car manufacturers will disappoint people by changing up a car or truck too much. Often times, when doing this, a company will end up alienating buyers and making them want to more on to other options. Luckily, with the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, a buyer can get a new model and not worry about missing out on anything. Simply put, there are only minor changes for the 2016 Dodge Challenger and Charger.

What won’t change is the style. Luckily, if you are a fan of high-powered muscle cars with plenty of space, the Charger and Challenger should not disappoint you. When going down the road in a 2016 Challenger or Charger, most people will not notice the difference as the company will likely keep almost everything exactly the same. When ready to check out a Challenger or Charger, you can see how great both of these cars are by going to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

As far as the Dodge Challenger goes, there are only some slight, albeit interesting and unique changes. If you are a fan of nice colors, you will like the new revival of the Plum Crazy Purple. Along with the Plum Crazy Purple color, you will also enjoy the B5 Blue and TorRed, which are all high impact colors.  Also returning is the Blacktop Appearance Group in the SXT and R/T trim, all with 20 inch black wheels, a black grille and rear spoiler, along with a strobe strip and black trim throughout the cockpit. While people who want to buy the 2016 Dodge muscles cars will pay more than 2015 buyers, they will get more. Both the Laguna leather and UConnect infotainment will come as standard, which should make anyone happy. Ultimately, with 12 different wheel options, and you can see why anyone who wants a Challenger will be happy.

When looking at the Dodge Charger, we will also see a nearly identical car, with the SXT, R/T, R/T Scat Pack, SRT 392 and SRT Hellcat trimlines. They will all have the same engines and power levels, along with the 8-speed auto transmission. Certainly, this shouldn’t be considered a bad thing as Dodge is obviously making people happy with the 2015 model. Again, much like the Challenger, buyers will enjoy the addition of the Plum Crazy purple, and buyers will also enjoy the standard Uconnect and Laguna leather. Buyers will also enjoy the return of the Blacktop Appearance Group, which is available in the SXT and R/T sedans.

One new, exciting and unique thing to the 2016 Charger is the Super Track Pak for the V6-powered SXT. With this package, drivers will be treated to Bilstein shocks, along with unique springs, which will offer better handling and a slightly lower ride height. Finally, there is going to be a set of 3.07 gears, along with a shortcut button for the dedicated Dodge Performance Pages app, which will have a g-force monitor and acceleration timers.

The Challenger and Charger are great cars. If you wait for the 2016 models, you will be handsomely rewarded as the company is only going to improve upon the 2015 model.

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