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One-by-one, Jeep Takes on Challengers to Off-Road Supremacy


One-by-One, Competitors Have Come and Gone

As the unquestioned ruler of the off-road market, the Jeep Wrangler in various incarnations has enjoyed a long record of success as a fun and functional four-by-four. With its rugged suspension, low-end power and nimble agility, the Wrangler is still the vehicle of choice for serious off-roaders who need to get where they are going and then home again. See the complete lineup of Wranglers at Chapman Jeep Las Vegas.

Early Ford Bronco Fell by Wayside

Although the early version of the Ford Bronco started off strong in 1966, Ford decided to abandon the smaller design in favor of a much larger vehicle, which it eventually discontinued. No telling what would have happened if they had stuck with the smaller design, as it is in high demand by enthusiasts today. Restored Broncos from the late 1960s and early 1970s fetch as much as $30,000.

Chevy Blazer Transitioned from Beast to Beauty

When Chevrolet first released the Blazer in 1968, it was a beast that was bigger than both the Bronco and Jeep. It offered air conditioning, automatic transmission and a removable top to quickly become a sales success. Once again, as time went on, the company removed some of the functionality as it went to a smaller size, lack of convertible top and lack of power. The emasculated Blazer finally bit the dust and was replaced with a series of mall-friendly SUVs.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

As far as being a true challenger to the Jeep’s off-road abilities, the 1960 FJ40 might have been the most worthy competitor of all. Originally designed for the Korean War, the Toyota was a tank-like vehicle with few creature comforts but plenty of ability crawl over rocks and through stream beds. Like other competitors, Toyota softened the design over time and turned the Land Cruiser into something more at home hauling kids to school than busting through brush or over mountains. Original Land Cruisers are also highly sought for restoration because of their simplicity and ability to get the job done.

Wrangler Remains Undisputed Off-road Champ

Whether you buy a used model or new Wrangler, you’ll be getting a vehicle that has stood the test of time in such rugged country as the Arizona desert and Rubicon trail. Now available with four doors in the Unlimited model, the Wrangler offers plenty of room to take the kids, the dogs or just your camping gear. There are a number of trim levels to choose from at your local dealer, Chapman Jeep Las Vegas.

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