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Next Generation Chrysler Uconnect Wont Need a Smartphone


Ram Trucks are some of the first vehicles to offer the latest generation Uconnect system that connects to Sprints mobile network without the use of a smartphone. Both Chrysler and Sprint will work together to control which third-party applications will be available on the new Uconnect infotainment system.The new Uconnect will be able to use voice commands to Bing search, read and write text messages, enter navigation destinations, and serve as a mobile hot spot.

By registering for the Uconnect Access premium paid features, you’ll get Wi-Fi, remote mobile commands, Yelp and emergency assistance. The Wi-Fi enables all of passengers to be simultaneously connected to the web. Any Wi-Fi-enabled device, such as a laptop or compatible mobile device can connect over your private network. No cell cards or software is required. The high-speed, secured connection lets anyone on your private network access the web from up to 150 ft. away.

Voice recognition technology, steering wheel controls, touch screen displays and traditional controls provide Chapman Ram customers with a variety of ways to interact with their mobile phones, music, navigation system and applications. Users can remotely lock or unlock doors or start their vehicles from any distance via the web or a smartphone application.

Uconnect features one-step voice command of navigation, the ability to check real-time fuel prices and listen and respond to text messages. The system announces receipt of a text message, audibly identifies the sender and reads the message.

When a compatible Bluetooth mobile phone is initially connected to the system, the phone book within a mobile phone is automatically downloaded, synchronizing as many as 1,000 phone book entries, which can then be selected by simply saying a contact name.

Ram Trucks has also taken steps to ensure your Uconnect system doesn’t rapidly become obsolete. Owners will be able to upgrade to the latest features and services. Applications are updated wirelessly and downloaded directly to the Uconnect Media Center, so features remain current. For more information, visit a Las Vegas Ram dealer.


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