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Next-Gen Dodge Challenger Will Probably Offer A Hybrid



The next generation of Dodge Challengers is likely to include a hybrid version of this iconic automobile. So says Mike Manley, the new boss at FCA. This is a little surprising to many people because of Detroit’s Big Three, Dodge is the only one that has continued to keep the true muscle car heritage and purpose alive. Dodge has continued to produce their high-horsepower, straight-line, incredible behemoths that deliver the deafening roar and the barely street-legal performance with their impressive Challenger and Charger models while the Mustang and Camaro have become tame.

People Love Muscle Cars

While the competition has gone mainstream and seen their sales begin dropping, sales of the old-school-cool Challenger rose. And even while Dodge continues to crank out the exciting, crowd-pleasing, high-horsepower, muscle cars, FCA is finding a way to create some electric options for the next generation. Manley hinted that by the mid 2020s FCA will have new platforms, technology and powertrains in their vehicles that will be supplemented by electrification. A electrified muscle car is in the future for the FCA lineup. Dodge isn’t giving up on powerful automobiles, it’s simply augmenting and transforming the power source.

Adding Electrification To The Formula

FCA boss Mike Manley said electrification will be in the American muscle car’s formula in the future. But it won’t be the dominant part. While in the future American muscle cars won’t be powered by V8, supercharged, 700-horsepower engines, Manley explained, the gasoline engine will still play a role for a little bit longer. Visionaries see electrified Challenges with gasoline engines assisted by 48-volt systems or even plug-in hybrid versions of the Challenger, Charger and other classic American muscle cars. But for now Dodge will keep cranking out the 707 horsepower V8 Hellcat and insane versions of the Redeye and Demon.

Change Is Coming

While Dodge continues to keep the American muscle car from disappearing by producing exciting, powerful new versions every year, change is coming. Manley didn’t give details about the electrification of Dodge’s muscle cars, but many envision some of the last vehicles to go full-electric will be the Challenger and the Charger. Dodge will continue to keep the original muscle car intent alive even as they transition to electrification. They have continued to make considerable updates and refreshes, but eventually becoming an electrified vehicle may push Dodge to change its iconic platform and underpinnings.

The Mid 2020s

The timeframe FCA’s Mike Manley mentioned was the mid 2020s. That gives muscle car enthusiasts some time to enjoy Dodge’s beautiful 700 horsepower speed demons. With news of a Mustang Hybrid being released in 2020 and an electrified Camaro in the works, FCA’s announcement about adding electrification to the Challenger is the last domino to fall. It’s the end of one era and the beginning of another. With FCA’s Manley talking about new platforms, powertrains and technology with electrification as a non-dominant ingredient, it sounds like Dodge will find a way for its muscle cars to continue to reign even with electrification. If you are intriuged and want to check out any Dodge, you can do so at Chapman Las Vegas Dodge.

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