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Next-Gen Dodge Challenger Due In 2019; Hellcat Could Have 750hp

Challenger on track


It is probably a surprise to many to hear that the current Dodge Challenger hit the market eight years ago. During that time, the car has gained a lot of followers. But, the company cannot be content as both the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro have gotten better with plenty of upgrades to the outside of the car, as well as to the interior and engine. It could be easy to assume that the Challenger is a dinosaur, but this is not true as it has held up very strongly to the competition, and come late 2018, it will blow you away. 

Thankfully, fans of the Dodge Challenger don’t have to wish and hope that the company makes some changes. To bring the model up to date and compete with formidable opponents, the manufacturer will work on the rear-wheel drive platform, which is known as the Alfa Romeo Giula. With this, the car will have a more compact package, and more importantly, it will drop down the weight, which should give it more power and better gas mileage. All in all, this will give owners a better driving experience as it will handle better. If you want to see a current Dodge Challenger model or any other Dodge, you are sure to love the experience, and you can see one for yourself at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas. This is true whether you are looking at getting an SUV, truck sedan or sports car.

While there is reason for excitement, you should realize that it may be a year or two before it is out, if not longer. In fact, right now, the company is aiming for a late 2018, which will be a 2019 model. Depending on how things work out in the engineering department, it may take longer, though Dodge is sure to want to get this beast out quickly so it doesn’t lose loyal buyers who run to Ford. The Dodge Challenger should compete with the Alfa Romeo. Although the Alfa Romeo is more expensive and a higher-end car, Dodge is hoping to coax some people to its cheaper, yet very formidable, car, especially since hte SRT Hellcat should have nearly 750 horses under the hood. Rumor has it that the company will offer quite a few models so the company can compete with, and probably outshine, the Camaro and Mustang.

It is tough to speculate as things change and car builders are tight-lipped about plans, but it should have a new V6 and V8 engine, and the range-topping SRT Hellcat could offer drivers nearly 750 horsepower, which will certainly blow the competition away. Some purists may not be happy about this, but there also is a chance that a four-cylinder turbocharged engine will be offered as other car companies have sub-2.5 liter engines that actually perform well.

If you like the Dodge Challenger and what it offers, you are going to love what comes out in 2018. There should be models and price ranges for every desire, and budget. Until then, there are certainly plenty of great cars, trucks and SUVs that the company offers. 

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