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New Ram midsize pickup to be built in USA


When the Dodge Dakota stopped production in 2011, representatives of the car company stated that they would no longer produce a mid-sized truck. For several years that has been the standard answer from Fiat-Chrysler about this style of truck. That is, until June of this year.

In June, Fiat-Chrysler announced to everyone’s surprise that they would begin production of a mid-size truck in 2022. The company did not have a name for the vehicle at that time and did not provide any details where it would be manufactured. Many industry experts believed that it would be produced in Mexico. The heavy duty Dodge Ram trucks are built there and the factory has room for an additional production line. It was assumed that would be the logical choice for the car company to place this new vehicle into production.

Now, only three months later, Fiat-Chrysler has made two announcements about the new mid-size truck. First, they have updated the release date to 2021, and second, the truck will be produced in the United States. When ready, you can take one for a spin at Chapman Las Vegas.

Fiat-Chrysler has recently re-tooled their Toledo production facility and will now incorporate the new truck into this building. This is incredibly beneficial to the area and will create many new jobs. It was also a large surprise for industry experts who believed that the car company was going to target these new trucks for overseas sales. With a potential market outside of the U.S., it was assumed that they would be produced outside of the U.S.

Details about the truck have not yet been released. Everyone is speculating about the engine and drive train that will be used for this new truck. The new mid-size will have to compete with trucks like the Tacoma and the soon to be rebooted Ford Ranger. Fiat-Chrysler, however, is keeping very quiet about the entire project. In fact, the company has not even commented officially about the Toledo plant, the information was leaked from a source within the company.

The new mid-size truck may not take over market share in the United States, but it is anticipated to be very popular overseas. The Dodge Dakota was one of the most popular American trucks sold overseas in the past, and the demand for this size and style of truck has been especially strong from this market.

Everyone is taking guesses at what the new truck will be called. Some believe that the Ram 1000 would be appropriate for the vehicle while others think a hybrid of Ram-Dakota may help with sales. Fiat-Chrysler may continue with their surprises, however, and name it something entirely different to give the new vehicle a personality all of its own.

In the meantime, everyone will just have to sit back and wait for the official announcements form the car company about the name, the design, and the technologies that they will incorporate into this new truck. Fiat-Chrysler will most likely begin making official announcements in October when they have their quarterly meeting. They may also wait until the new year. There is no guarantee when the details about the new mid-size truck will become official.

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