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Maintenance Tips For Your Dodge Truck, Car, or SUV

1248971951329We all know that preventative maintenance is always cheaper (and less time consuming) than fixing a problem after the fact. Unfortunately, over time, we forget that our Dodge trucks, cars, and SUVs need to be taken care of in order to help them last as long as possible. With that being said, let’s take a look at some maintenance tips that you should definitely consider using on your Dodge truck, car, or SUV to help it last longer.

Preventative Maintenance Pays Off

Small maintenance procedures done periodically throughout the course of your vehicle’s life will work wonders at helping it last longer. A set of simple maintenance procedures, like changing out your fluids or having your tires rotated, will probably cost you several hundred dollars. But this is nothing compared to the several thousand that you will have to pay if you brakes go out or if your engine block cracks due to not having enough oil. Visit Chapman Dodge to have your vehicle inspected and maintained.

Maintenance Tip #1: Check and Fill All Fluids

How many different fluids are there in the average vehicle? There are about seven main ones that you’ll want to consider. These include oil, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze, transaxle fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Remember that not all of these need to be changed out at the same time. To come up with a more accurate timeline for when each one needs to be done, make sure that you consult your vehicle’s owner manual.

Why is checking and filling up your fluids important? Picture the following scenario: you have a good running vehicle with about 70,000 miles on it. Due to its relatively low mileage count, you think that changing the fluids would be a waste of money since it wouldn’t do anything for the vehicle. But then, the brakes on your vehicle go out, causing you to get into an accident and damage your vehicle. Now you have to pay thousands of dollars in repairs compared to only a few hundred if you had chosen the preventative maintenance approach. A Dodge service center can definitely help you handle all aspects of vehicle maintenance.

Maintenance Tip #2: Tires

Always make sure that you’re operating your vehicle with sufficient air pressure. There are a few reasons why you want to do this. First, and probably the most important, is that driving with low tire pressure can actually cause your tire to pop. This is not only inconvenient but very dangerous to you and those drivers around you. Secondly, driving with low tire pressure can dramatically lessen your vehicle’s fuel economy, costing you much more money in the long run. If you’re unsure about the amount of air pressure required for each individual tire then consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for answers.

Maintenance Tip #3: Inspect Belts and Hoses

Inspect all belts and hoses on your Dodge vehicle to ensure that they aren’t cracked, torn, or wearing away. Although they might seem insignificant, failing to keep these maintained can cause an assortment of problems later on down the line.

These are just a few maintenance tips you can do to help extend the life of your Dodge vehicle.

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