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Jeep Jamboree Schedule Off to a Good Start


Next Outing June 2 in Indiana

For devotees of the Jeep off-roading experience, the annual Jeep Jamboree provides a few months where they can get out with like-minded people, see some nature and push their Jeep to the limits. The next outing will be June 2-4 in Attica, Indiana when a slew of drivers take on the Badlands Off-Road Park. This 800-acre plot of land delivers a variety of different terrain, including mud and heavily wooded trails that require a lot of articulation. Go to to get more information on this and other events. If you’d just like to go four-wheeling on the many excellent trails in Nevada, head over to Chapman Jeep Las Vegas and get a great deal on the four-wheeler of your dreams.

Western Trips Scheduled Soon

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, consider the Mullan/Wallace Jamboree on June 23 in Idaho. Starting off at an old mining camp, this trek follows old military roads up to the top of the Panhandle National Forest. If you’ve never done the Rubicon Trail, first make sure you have a Jeep that can handle one of America’s toughest trips by checking with the pros at Chapman Jeep Las Vegas. Jeep Jamboree is sponsoring a trip across the rough 22-mile off-road path on August 11-14. You must have at least 33-inch tires, lockers on the front and rear, skid plates, tow points and a CB radio to qualify. Your Wrangler must also be no older than 1987 to participate.

Colorado Trips Coming in September

Get your Jeep ready to take on the Rocky Mountains in September, with a trip to Telluride on September 8 and Ouray on September 15. Starting at 8,705 feet, the Telluride trip climbs to more than 13,000 feet, including a stop at a hot springs for a little relaxation. The Telluride trip is for Platinum Club members, but you can still get the flavor of the Rockies by waiting a week and jumping on the Ouray Jamboree. Along with the same hot spring in the Telluride trip, you’ll get spectacular views from peaks as high as 13,114 feet. Old mines and beautiful golden aspens dot the scenery in this family friendly adventure.

Jamboree Going Strong Since 1953

Ever since off-road enthusiast Mark A. Smith organized the first trek across the Rubicon trail in 1953, the Jeep Jamboree has been a yearly event around which many off-roaders plan a vacation. Along with beautiful scenery and a chance to bond with other Jeep owners, the Jamborees offer a chance to learn off-roading techniques in a safe and familial atmosphere.

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