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Is Ram working on an HD Hellcat pickup truck?

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Is Ram working on an HD Hellcat pickup truck



Are you ready for a Ram HD Hellcat pickup truck? Well if the recent spy photos are to be believed FCA is about release a truck so powerful even non-truck people will have to sit up and take notice. Ram knows how to build trucks. Their Ram Power Wagon pickup with the 6.4 liter Hemi V8 engine and 410- horsepower, hitched to a heavy duty 2500 chassis, can pull, haul, and perform on road and off road. Give a truck like that a 707 horsepower Hellcat engine and it just might change the world. It would be the perfect truck for work or play, country or city. For pulling a boat or trailer, or weaving through traffic.

Although these are only spy photos, they show a versatile well-built truck designed to do whatever the driver wants it to do. But this is no ordinary truck. The big ram-air hood is a clue that there’s something very powerful underneath it. The heavy-duty suspension and lift kit shown in the spy photos lets you know this truck can get rough, rugged, and raw. But the aerodynamic body type hints of a truck with good range and speed. Even without the bumpers the vehicle sliced the wind and whispered about astounding approach and departure angles, durability, and flexibility.

For FCA, releasing a redesigned a version of the Power Wagon with a fire-breathing dragon of Hellcat engine under the hood would be a daring move. It would generate buzz and excitement, plus it would be useful and fun to drive. Anything you’re doing with your pickup, having a Hellcat engine with 707 horsepower would make it easier and more fun. The Power Wagon has been a good performer for the Ram line. Powering it up would make many a truck fan’s dream come true. Still we must maintain perspective and realize they were only a few spy pictures and there’s no telling what FCA has planned. If you cannot wait for this truck, there are plenty of other Ram trucks to check out at Chapman Dodge.

The two trucks in the spy photos were a single cab and a Mega Cab. The traditional Crew Cab is what the Power Wagon had been making its name using. These photo could be just some concept trucks or Dodge could be planning to introduce two brand new variants of the Power Wagon. Variants with stepped up power and Hellcat attitude created to set a new standard of what a Ram pickup can do. FCA has been expanding its use of the Hellcat engine and the Power Wagon would be a great place to put one. A truck with the right pedigree, durability, and structure to handle a Hellcat. If you want to check out any model at Las Vegas Ram, you can do so and take one on a test drive.

This is all just extrapolation based on spy photos. But Ford, one of Rams biggest competitors, has released the Ford Raptor and its making noise. But if Ram puts a 707 horsepower Hellcat engine in a Power Wagon like these spy photos suggest, it would leave its competitors scrambling for second place. Recent spy photos seem to show Ram has an HD Hellcat pickup truck in its near future.

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