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How to get your Ram ready for the hot summer

Ram Summer

It’s spring and the weather is getting warm. That means you and your Ram have survived another and your activity level is about to increase. But whether you’ve mapped out your summer itinerary or embrace spontaneity, there is one thing you should do right now. Get your Ram ready for all the activities and trips you want to enjoy during the summer. The temperature and workload changes can put a strain on the fluids and parts of even your big bad Ram. Right now is the right time to change up the fluids, tune up the engine, service the transmission, check the tires, hoses, and belts, and get ready to get more done and have more fun with your Ram.  If you want to get a new one or see what is available, check one out at Chapman Dodge.

Check And Service The Cooling System

As the weather warms your Ram’s cooling system has to work harder. Make sure the entire system is checked and serviced and prevent nasty surprises when the mercury rises. At a Las Vegas Ram location, you can get your cooling system checked out, or you can even buy a new Ram.

Check And Replace Tires

Winter weather, ice-covered roads, the chemicals used to melt the ice, plus the freezing temperature can damage to your tires. Now is a good time to have the thread, air pressure, and side walls checked and replace the tires if necessary. You’ll get better traction, control, and gas mileage.

Check And Replace Wiper Blades

Winter weather is rough on wiper blades. Inspect and replace the wiper blades so a simple summer shower doesn’t leave you with impaired visibility and an unnecessary accident.

Under The Hood Inspection

The Battery

Winter driving has taken a toll on your vehicle. Now is the time to make sure everything is fine and you are ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. Be sure to check, charge or replace the battery.

Check And Change The Fluids

Changing the oil after winter is over is a good way to ensure the oil is clean and all the engine parts are properly lubricated. The transmission fluids should be checked, topped off, or replaced to keep the gears changing smoothly. Check and replace the brake fluid as needed. If your brake fluid is low, have your brake system checked. Spring is also a good time to change the anti-freeze and flush out the radiator if necessary. Making sure the fluids in your Ram are full, clean, and in good condition sets you up for a great summer.

Clean Thoroughly Inside And Out

Keeping your Ram looking good is important. It helps to preserve the value of your automobile. No matter if the area you live causes your Ram to be covered in snow, battered by fall and winter winds and rains, or pelted by desert sands or sea water, the changing of the seasons is a great time to clean your Ram thoroughly inside and out. It helps to preserve the paint job and the undercarriage and identify any damage done during the winter.

If you want your Ram to look and perform at its best, take time to get it ready for the hot summer months.

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