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How Dodge is Changing The Face Of Their Ram Lineup (Literally)

BN-GK554_0113ra_G_20150113145452Today, Dodge is going out of their way to change the face of their Ram lineup, and they’re doing it in a more literal way than you might think. They’re now focused on making people understand that their truck is a Ram – not a Dodge Ram. The story can be traced all the way back to the conception of the Dodge Ram. Back then the company used the traditional “Ram” symbol on the front of all of their Ram trucks for sale. But as of 2010, the company started to take a different approach all together.

More specifically, they dropped the Ram logo and became to include the word “Ram” instead. Why was this move made? Well, it’s basically one way that Dodge is attempting to create a stronger identity for their Ram. By building a stronger identity for the Ram, they’ll ultimately make more sales for all of their models, including the heavy-duty variants. As a result, their models are now known as the Ram 2500, Ram 3500, etc. Notice that there’s no “Dodge” in the name. Visit Chapman Dodge and you’ll notice this immediately.

It’s been about five years since Dodge made this move, and there are still dealers calling it a Dodge Ram. So, what did the company do to fix this problem? The answer was simple: place the words “Ram” in bold lettering across the front of their trucks (as well as the back of the trucks). It’s important to note that these words are about one foot high and about two and a half feet in length. When purchasing a new Dodge truck, you won’t be able to stop yourself from noticing this new and engaging transition brought upon by the car company.

As far as Ram-brand sales are concerned, they’re on fire – up by about 25 percent in 2014. Getting people to drop “Dodge” from the vehicles has been more than challenging, but as the years progress, they expect it to become progressively easier. It’s funny because according to Google Trends, the phrase “Dodge Ram” is used far more frequently compared to phrases like “Ram 1500.” This shows that there is still a lot of resistance to the change. The main problem is the fact that many buyers today have been around since before the transition, so they’re used to seeing “Dodge” in the vehicle name. Visit a Las Vegas Ram dealer to learn more.

Essentially, the change is going to come when newer generations go to purchase their Ram models. Here’s another example: a Dodge dealer in Forth Worth, Texas has the phrase “Dodge Ram” mentioned a whopping 49 times on their website! If dealers aren’t following protocols, how are customers even going to know that a transition has been made? In short, they won’t be able to.

This is going to be a movement that relies on the help from dealers too. If dealers are still calling their vehicles “Dodge Rams,” then people are going to use the same nomenclature. By putting the word “Ram” on both the front and back of their trucks in big bold letters, the transition should occur quickly within the next decade.

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