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Four Tips To Prepare Your Ram For The Winter


Fall is here, that means the seriously cold and snowy winter weather isn’t far behind. Now is a great time to get your Dodge Ram ready for the winter months ahead. There are a number of simple things you can do to get your car in ship shape and dramatically reduce the changes of a preventable automotive emergency that can leave you stuck in inclement weather and praying for roadside assistance. The following are four things you can do to winterize your Ram and ensure it is ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you while you are out on the road.

1. Change Your Oil

Getting your oil changed regularly can help to protect your engine. But in cold winter months, your oil needs to be the right viscosity for your vehicle to perform at its best. Whether your Ram is brand new or a few years old, it’s important to get an oil change to ensure your engine is properly lubricated and running well during the winter. A quick check of your owner’s manual or a visit to your dealer will let you know the best type and thickness oil to use for the winter weather in your part of the country. If you have yet to get a Ram or want to pick up a new model, check one out at Chapman Las Vegas Dodge.

2. Make Sure You Can See

Being able to see clearly in inclement winter weather is vital. Your windshield wipers play a very important role in this. Most wiper blades are effective for about a year. So as winter approaches, this is the perfect time to invest in a new set. That can make all the difference in the world when you’re driving through rain, snow and sleet. You should also make sure to put windshield washer fluid in your windshield washer reservoir. Let a service professional make sure your heater as well as your defroster are working well. This will ensure your windshield remains nice and clear as you face the wrath of Old Man Winter.

3. Have Your Battery Checked

Winter weather puts additional strain on your battery. It’s essential to make sure it has enough power to get your Ram running in frigid temperatures. Now is a good time to have your battery tested to see if it needs to be replaced or charged up. You should also make sure there’s no corrosion on the posts and connections on your battery and there is enough water in it. This could prevent you from having to beg or pay for a boost and having to depend on a Good Samaritan to get your Ram started this winter.

4. Check And Change Your Belts And Hoses

Ignoring your belts and hoses can lead to serious problems during the winter. Cold weather can put additional strain on them and make them less pliable. Now is the time to have your hoses and belts checked for signs of wear and tear and replaced if you have any doubt. A broken belt or busted hose can lead to unnecessary headaches and hassles. Being proactive is the wise move.

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