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Five reasons why Dodge diesels are better

Dodge Diesel

When it comes to choosing a truck or car, diesels win most of the time, especially when looking at trucks. The Dodge Ram diesel versions are better in nearly every imaginable way. Here are five reasons why diesels are better. Once you discover this, you can head down to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and check out a Dodge diesel.

1. Mudding:

Let’s face it, if you’re going out mudding with a group of buddies, you aren’t going to bring a hybrid or even a gasoline-powered vehicle. If you do happen to get stuck, you need the torque that only a diesel-powered vehicle can provide to get out. If you want to debate why diesels are better, just take one out mudding for a quick education.

2. Revving that Engine:
There is just nothing that compares to the sound of a diesel engine. You just cannot get quite the same satisfaction revving a gasoline powered engine as you can a diesel engine. When you want to let everyone know you’ve arrived, a diesel-powered vehicle will do the trick.

3. Hauling Power:
Whether you’re hauling your 5th wheel RV to your favorite campsite, your bass boat out to the lake, or your buddy’s broken down truck, a Dodge Ram diesel just has more power to get the job done, which means you can do more than you would be able to do with any other vehicle. Diesel fuel provides more torque. In turn, that means more hauling and towing power. That’s just simple science.

4. Better Resale Value:

It’s a well-known fact that the moment you drive your brand new truck off the dealer lot, it decreases in value. Some vehicles decrease more significantly in value than other vehicles. Diesel vehicles have historically held their value quite well when compared to other types of vehicles. In fact, studies show that diesel vehicles tend to hold 63 percent of their value after three years compared to gasoline vehicles that only retain 53 percent of their value and hybrids that hold 55 percent of their value. Part of the reason for such a higher resale value is that diesel engines last longer. If you need a reason why diesels are better and more fun, trade one in and see how much the dealer offers you for it. That is reason enough to bring a smile to your face as you begin shopping for your next vehicle—probably another diesel!

5: More Reliable:

No one likes the idea of being stuck on the side of road in a broken down vehicle. Since a diesel-powered engine does not require a high-voltage ignition system, there is never a lack for a spark. Additionally, a diesel-powered engine does not emit radio frequency emissions that could cause a problem with the other electronic systems in your vehicle. This translates to less down time and more fun time.
So, there you have it, if you are looking for a new truck, you should get a Dodge Ram diesel as they are better all around.

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