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Five questions to help you find the right Ram

Ram Truck
If you are considering purchasing a truck, choosing the right truck is very important. But in order to select the best one, you first must ask the right questions. If you do, you will get a truck that will meet your needs. The following are five of the questions that you should ask.

  1. How Much Truck Do You Need?

The RAM is a versatile truck that offers lots of options. If what you need is a truck to tow ATVs, boats, and trailers, then the light-duty RAM 1500 which combines power with fuel efficiency and great handling is the perfect choice. It offers a class leading 1,900 lb maximum payload and 10,650 pounds of maximum towing. If your goal is to tow construction equipment, heavy commercial loads, RVs, and horse trailers, then you should go with the heavy-duty RAM 2500 or 3500. Both of these trucks lead their class with their ability to handle up to a 7,390 pound payload and tow as much as 31,210 pounds. To see the real-world towing capability of any RAM model, check one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas

  1. What Does Everything Weigh?

Another important factor when choosing a truck is its Gross Combined Vehicle Weight (GCVW). This is a combination of the weight of the truck and its cargo, the passengers, and the trailer and its cargo. Adding these numbers together will give you the GCVW. When you know the GCVW your truck’s powertrain can handle, picking the right truck becomes much easier. RAM trucks have some of the highest GCVW capabilities. This results in better safety, durability, and reliability.

  1. Max Payload Or Max Towing?

The maximum payload, the weight of the driver, passengers, and load on the truck bed, a truck can safely handle is important to know. Knowing the maximum towing capacity of the truck is also crucial. A truck’s engine, transmission, steering, and braking systems can only handle a finite amount of weight. Therefore, the heavier your payload, the lighter the weight your vehicle can safely tow and vice versa. Remember, RAM trucks have great payload and towing capacity, but it’s wise to think of your own wants and needs.

  1. Which Features Affect Towing?

There are several factors which impact your truck’s towing capacity. They include cab size, the number of people it can hold, the length of the box or truck bed, whether you have two wheel or four-wheel drive, the power of the engine, and the type of transmission the truck has. You must decide whether carrying more people, hauling more cargo, or towing more weight is most important when deciding which truck configuration you need. Sometimes you need a combination of all three.

  1. What Axle Ratio Best Suits Your Needs?

Deciding on the right axle ratio requires a trade-off. The higher a truck’s axle ratio the faster it can accelerate and the more towing power it has. The lower the axle ratio the quieter the vehicle will operate and the more efficiently the engine will perform. RAM trucks are available with a wide variety of axle ratios. Once you decide on the balance of engine efficiency and towing power you need, picking the right axle ratio will be easier.

Once you’ve answered the questions about the cab and box size, towing and payload capability, 2 or 4-wheel drive, the type of engine and transmission you need, and the axle ratio you want, picking the right RAM truck will be simple.


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