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Five accessories to get with your Dodge Durango


If you own a Dodge Durango, you have a great vehicle on your hands. With this versatile and well-loved SUV, you can go off-road, merge on the freeway or go on a road trip. But, if you buy a Dodge Durango, you should invest in some accessories. With that in mind, here are five accessories to get with your Durango.

Performance and off-road auxiliary lighting: If you want to take your Dodge Durango out into the desert, you will want to be safe at night, and performance off-road auxiliary lighting will help you stay on the path and avoid going over a cliff. There are many top-notch brands, and it is wise for you to do your own research to see what works for your lifestyle and needs. Once you buy them, you can install them yourself or head to a professional who will make sure that the lights are installed correctly, and you can do so at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

Premium chrome door handles: If you want to impress your friends when they get in and out of your Dodge Durango, you can buy some premium chrome door handles. While they don’t make it any faster or better off-roading, it will certainly add to the beauty of your Dodge Durango, and they are very easy to change. This is also an inexpensive accessory, so you won’t have to break the bank to show off your Durango.

Locking gas cap: To prevent people from stealing your gas, you should consider a locking gas cap. With this inexpensive and easy to install accessory, you can watch as it pays for itself in no time. Think about it, if someone steals your gas, or worse yet, damages your tank, you are going to be out a lot of money. But, with this easy-to-install accessory, your fuel is safe from tampering and theft.

Mud flaps: If you live in the desert and love to go off-roading, or if you love to go out to the mountains, you will get mud all over your Dodge Durango. To protect your paint job and give it a cooler and more rugged look, you should install mud flaps. With this accessory, you are going to make sure that your Dodge Durango is protected and looks cool. Easy to install, mud flaps are the ideal accessory for the off-roading fan who wants to make his or her Durango that much better.

Cargo liner mats: When owning a Dodge Durango, you can use it to carry all sorts of stuff. From big bags of dog food to bricks, you can carry it all in your SUV. But, if you want to protect it and ensure that you don’t damage your Durango, you should install cargo liner mats. They only take a few minutes to set up, and then you will go a long way in protecting your Durango, and it’s value.

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