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Fiat Chrysler: We’re ending the Dodge Viper on a high note

2017 Dodge Viper ACR



The Dodge Viper is a beloved car that has thrilled a lot of people who love sports cars. While it is a low volume production car, about 1,100 per year, it is a car that many dream of owning, and it shows how great Chrysler is at making cars. The company wants to go out on a high note, and the 25th anniversary Dodge Viper is going to turn some heads, and it is guaranteed to break some hearts. 

The Viper is a very low-volume car that is hand-built, and thus it is very expensive to build, and it is a wonder that the company has kept at it for 25 years, though it is easy to see why if you test drive one and see how powerful and fast it is. The company will have five limited-edition models for the 2017 year, which is, according to Chrysler, the last year of production, though things can change at any time.

The models included are the Dodge Dealer Edition, VooDoo II Edition ACR, GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR, 1:28 Edition ACR and a Snakeskin Edition GTC. Each version will have a unique serialized instrumental panel badge, which will include the model name. To make it more unique, buyers will have the choice to customize with with their name. Production will be limited. In fact, the company will not make more than 100 of the GTS-R, and it will limit the Snakeskin to only 25, while the VooDoo will have 31. Finally, the 1:28, which is sure to be coved, will have only 28 units.

The nice thing about Dodge is that the company continues, and will continue to do so, make great cars, trucks and SUVs. If you are looking for a top-notch car, you should test drive one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas. Even if you cannot afford a high-end sports car, you are sure to find the car, truck or SUV of your dreams.

One reason that Chrysler is not going to make the Dodge Viper anymore is because of demand. While high-end sports car enthusiasts love the car, it is just out of most people’s price range. This doesn’t mean that many don’t dream of taking the car for a spin. It is a shame as the car has an 8.4 liter, V-10 645 horsepower engine that also churns out 600 lb-ft of torque. Given that it is a hand-made car, assembled by 80 workers right here in the United States, and one can see why it is coveted by people who can afford it.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. While Chrysler would obviously like to produce the vehicle for a long time, without a long list of buyers, Chrysler is throwing the towel. It is a shame as the Dodge Viper ACR has set more track records than any other sports car in the world. However, any fan of Chrysler should not be too sad as there are plenty of other high-end cars that provide powerful engines. . But, any fan of powerful sports cars with almost perfect handling are sure to shed a tear as it’s certainly an end of a great era.

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