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Dodge Will Resurrect The Viper Another Time


The Dodge Viper is coming back. Dodge stopped producing the two-seater snake in 2009, restarted production, then stopped again last year. But there has been continued growing demand for the vehicle, so insiders at Car and Driver say Dodge will restart production of the popular Viper sometime between 2020 and 2021. They say the new Viper will have several differences from the previous models. While it will retain the mid-front engine layout, the rear-wheel drive will be in a new spaceframe. They predict the 10 cylinder engine will be replaced by a next-gen aluminum-block, naturally-aspirated, 550 horsepower Hemi V8 that Chrysler recently developed.

The use of lots of aluminum and carbon fiber will reduce the weight of the next Dodge Viper significantly, the experts at Car and Driver say. SRT will gin up the horsepower in several trims and eventually add the option of getting a 700 horsepower engine. They expect the company to initially offer the redesigned Viper as a convertible and add a hardtop model a few years later. With the company’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant now repurposed, insiders anticipate the new Viper will be built by Prefix Corporation in Michigan. That’s the company that built the fifth generation Medusa Viper convertible and Viper Tanga.

Some anticipate the Detroit Auto Show in 2019 will feature a concept car that’s a tribute to the original Viper. Production beginning on the new model in late 2020 to be released in 2021. Plus, the new vehicle won’t be called the Viper some say. According to Allpar forums, the new vehicle will be similar to the Alfa Romero 6C/8C and the Maserati Alfieri. 5thGenRam forums anticipate two new Ram Rebel trucks getting 7.0 liter Banshee V8s and 6.2 liter Hellcat engines currently under development. The 10 cylinder, 8.0 liter engine in the original Viper were developed for Ram trucks, so some postulate the new Viper could have one of those engines.

Any one of these predictions for the powertrain of the next Viper could be accurate. The connection between Dodge and Alfa Romero go back many years. In 2010, when Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler, previewed the fifth-generation Viper, many dealers said while it had a Viper face, it closely resembled the Alfa Romero 8C Competizionne. And there is no denying the connection between Ram truck engines and the powertrain of the original Dodge Viper.

If you are one of the people that lamented the end of the production of the Dodge Viper, do not despair. Lots of automotive experts with inside connections are saying that within the next three to five years Chrysler will once again begin producing this popular automobile. Most agree that there will be some changes to the engine powering the vehicle and it will look somewhat different. But the essence of what made the Dodge Viper a classic will live on in the next generation of this stylish, powerful automobile. Dodge Viper lovers, fear not. You will soon see a new version in the showrooms. In the meantime, you can check out any Dodge car or truck at Chapman Las Vegas Dodge.

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