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Dodge Viper Sales 3-Year Update



It’s been 3 years since Dodge unleashed the Viper on an unsuspecting public. Car enthusiasts were impressed by its looks, power, handling, and performance, but apparently not by its price. Plus Dodge was only committed to producing about 1000 Vipers each year with the potential for 500 more if there were enough demand. But sales of the sporty Viper has been modest at best.

In February 2013 the company delivered the 5th generation Dodge Viper to dealerships around the country. February 2016 marked the completion of the third year the Viper has been available and Dodge has released its 3-year sales update. Sales of the Viper were decent in year one and better in year two. But year three saw a step drop in demand. The modest sales of the modern Viper over its first three years has led the company to discontinue it after the 2017 model is released. So, if you want to get your hands on one now, come to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

In 2013, year one of modern Viper production, sales started off slow. Less than a dozen Vipers were sold in the first two months. When sales improved from April through July to almost 100 Vipers a month, Dodge wondered if they’d need to increase production. Alas, that was not to be. Only 110 Vipers were sold in August and September combined. Dodge sold 175 Vipers in October, November and December to end the year having sold a total of 591 Vipers.

January 2014 buoyed Dodge’s hopes as 47 Vipers were sold. People bought 41 Vipers in February and 67 of their V10 supercar in March month. The company’s hopes were raised when 97 Vipers sold in April. But sales were disappointing once again in May and June when 63 and 36 vehicles were sold respectively. After selling a combined 84 Vipers in July and August, the company lowered the price by $15,000.

The ploy worked. Dodge sold a record 108 Vipers in September. But that remains the Chrysler Group’s high-water mark for sales of the Viper in a single month. Sales dropped to a decent but slightly disappointing 80 units in October and 45 in November. Viper sales were a robust 89 in December. The company ended the year having sold a total of 760 Vipers.

January 2015 saw buyers snap up 61 Dodge Vipers. Sales improved to 64 in February. They never matched those numbers the rest of the year. Sales of the Viper ended up averaging 56 cars a month for the rest 2015. August was the worst month with only 40 Vipers being sold. Viper sales in 2015 fell to just 676 units. The die was cast. The future of the Dodge Viper supercar was dim. The Chrysler Group had no choice but to make the difficult decision to discontinue the Dodge Viper line.

In three years of production Dodge sold 2,079 Vipers. Engineers explain that not being able to add side curtain airbags help to doom the modern Viper. Still, the company didn’t rule out a return of the Viper sometime in the future.

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