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Dodge Viper ACR Sets Lap Records at 13 Racetracks

Dodge Viper ACR

The Dodge Viper ACR continues to make its mark on the American automotive landscape. The incredibly powerful vehicle recently put another notch in its belt when it topped the Porsche 918 Spyder in a race at Laguna Seca recently. That marks the 13th track at which the amazing vehicle has set a speed record. With this new lap record, the Dodge Viper has now become the production car that holds more records than any other. That’s right. An American car has consistently driven faster than any other production car in the world. Not once. Not twice. Thirteen times. That’s domination.

The idea for the Dodge Viper was conceived at Chrysler’s innovative Advanced Design Studios in late 1988. But the first edition of this record breaking car did not hit the streets until 1992. In 1999, Dodge unleashed the American Club Racing model or the ACR. An updated model of the ACR was introduced in 2008. This Dodge Viper ACR is a street-legal speed demon that has been breaking records from the start. For more than 20 years, this American-made automobile has been consistently besting cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918, and the McLaren P1 at tracks all over the world. To see the raw power of this car or many other Dodge vehicles, check them out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

While previous versions of the Dodge Viper ACR were fast, the new 2016 Dodge Viper ACR takes it to a whole new level. This powerful beast has put down lap times at Virginia International Speedway, Road Atlanta, and now Laguna Seca that are faster than the best production cars the French, Germans, or anyone else has to offer. Plus it’s street legal. That means on your way to work tomorrow, you could pull up at the light driving the car that has left other supercars in the dust.

In setting its latest record, the 2016 Dodge Viper took aim at the lap record of 1:29.89 that the Porsche 918 held at Laguna Seca. Randy Pobst climbed aboard the Dodge Viper ACR, which had an Extreme Aero pack, and took off. When the dust cleared, the Viper ACR had blazed past the Laguna Seca record that the Porsche 918 held by an amazing 1.24 seconds, completing the lap in an incredible 1:28.65. FCA’s North American Head of Passenger Car Brands, Tim Kuniskis, said the company had always felt the street-legal 2016 Dodge Viper ACR was the fastest Viper track car they ever produced, but the 13 track records the newest Viper set erased any doubt.

There are reports Dodge will discontinue the Viper line after the 2017 model hits the market. That’s sad news for fans of this great American car. However, even if the line is discontinued, the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR’s legacy as one of the fastest cars ever produced has been establish and will be fondly remembered by car enthusiasts for years.

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