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Dodge Ram Increases MPG in Pickup Truck Mileage Battle

2015-RAM-2500-Power-Wagon-side-viewIn an attempt to win the truck mileage gauntlet, Dodge has increased the fuel economy of their beloved Ram 1500 EcoDiesel to an impressive 29 MPGs per gallon on the highway. The optional diesel engine on the Ram models will provide drivers with an extra mile per gallon compared to traditional Ram 1500 pickup trucks with the same type of engine. More importantly, though, this move successfully extended the Ram’s fuel economy leadership in the industry, allowing it to compete fiercely with close rivals from Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and General Motors.

CEO of the Ram brand, Bob Hegbloom, mentioned in a statement that their new Ram truck “…delivers the highest fuel economy among all pickups in the industry.” Few people can read this statement and not think of it as a big deal. Dodge showcased the Ram’s improvements at the North American International Auto Show. It wanted to make it known that they were going to pursue (and maintain) industry leadership in fuel economy for their pickup trucks. Visit Chapman Dodge to learn more about the future of the Dodge Ram.

Not to mention, all of this has been achieved despite the recent launch of a smaller and lighter version of the Ford F-150, which, with its aluminum body, experiences quality fuel economy (the Dodge Ram still wins). Very few trucks today come close to offering the type of fuel economy that Dodge is offering in their Ram trucks. While Dodge still maintains the record on mileage, all of their vehicles surpass expectations in other areas including interior technology, exterior design, and overall safety.

When Ford introduced their newly designed F-150 later in 2014, many people thought that it would become an industry leader in fuel economy for pickup trucks. After all, it was a whopping 700 pounds lighter than its predecessor. Yet, Dodge still managed to take the lead with a 29 MPG pickup, while the F-150 was only able to get about 26 MPG on the highway. If you look at the facts, there’s no denying that the Ram EcoDiesel is among the best and most popular gasoline-powered pickups today.

In the city, the Ram gets about 21 MPG, which is still very respectable for a pickup truck. Overall, this equates to about 24 MPG combined, which should save a few hundred dollars per year at the pump (or more depending on how much you drive). Granted, diesel gas does cost more than regular fuel, but this shouldn’t take anything away from the premium fuel economy that the Dodge Ram lineup has to offer. Plus, with fuel prices lowering each week, it’s not a bad investment for pickup truck lovers.

The Ram has been gaining a tremendous amount of popularity in recent years. In 2014, Ram pickup sales increased by about 24%, with total vehicle sales sitting right around 440,000. Sales for competing pickup trucks, like the Silverado or F-150, only increased by 2% to 10%, respectively. This data not only demonstrates the popularity of the Dodge Ram, but also its effectiveness and fuel efficiency over the long run.

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