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Dodge Challenger Unveils New, Exciting Colors


Dodge Challenger is making their Shaker cars even more outstanding. The company is now adding new Shakedown package stripes. Dodge turned a lot of heads in 2016 when the company decided to bring one of their custom 1971 Dodge Challengers and display it at the SEMA show that’s called the Shakedown. The vehicle the company brought seamlessly combined the classic Challenger body with parts from the modern Challenger. The combination was such a huge success, Dodge was inspired to give buyers the opportunity to get one that looks just like it. And, if you want to get your own Dodge Challenger, you can head down to¬†Chapman Las Vegas Dodge and see one for yourself.

The Dodge Challenger at the SEMA show had a shaker hood scoop as well as a group of stripes on one side. The size of the stripes gradually decreased and gave the vehicle a feeling of movement and vibration. That unique design clearly got a good reception from Dodge Challenger fans. So much so that Dodge has decided to produce a set of stripes similar to the ones it used of the show car and offer it on their modern Shaker Challengers. The stripes are now available as part of a package that bears the Shakedown name.

Dodge is now making this new Shakedown package available for 2018. However, it will only be available on the Dodge Challengers that come with what’s called the shaker hood scoop. The vehicles included in this group are the Dodge R/T Shaker, as well as the R/T Plus Shaker and the 392 Scat Pack Shaker. And just like they were on the concept vehicle, all of the new stripes are on only one side of the car and they wrap around the Challenger’s iconic hood scoop. One difference between the concept car and the production model is that all the stripes are one color. On the ’71 custom car, one of the stripes was red.

Along with adding the stripes as part of the Shakedown package, the Challengers will also feature white-face gauges as well as an Alpine audio system that features significant upgrades. The Alpine audio system on the new models of the R/T and the R/T Plus comes with a 275-watt amplifier in combination with six speakers. On the new Scat Pack, there’s a booming 506-watt amplifier and nine speakers scattered about the vehicles as part of the Alpine audio system. This is enough to turn the Scat Pack into a party on wheel and keep the occupants and everyone within earshot thoroughly entertained.

Buyers looking to add the Shakedown package to their new Dodge Challenger only have to shell out $995. That’s a small price to pay for the unique style, flashy look and additional entertainment the package provides. The stripes in the Shakedown package come in any of the colors in which the Challenger Shaker is available.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Dodge has announced it has revived the popular colors B5 Blue and Plum Crazy. Buyers can get their 2018 Chargers and Challengers in those colors regardless of the trim level they choose.

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