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Dodge Boss Plans to Make All Hellcat Charger, Challenger Customers Happy


Hellcat Charger

If you missed out on the Hellcat Charger, you are in luck. It was such a popular release, that Dodge had to stop taking orders, and this frustrated a lot of potential buyers. However, there is a reason for the popularity.  Since there are already 9,000 people who ordered the car, it will be some time, but Dodge brand CEO Tim Kuniskis recently said that he aims to make all the customers happy.

In a recent interview with the LA Times, Tim Kuniskis discussed the popularity of the Dodge Brand after the latest installment of Fast and Furious came out. However, the Hellcat is not popular because of the movie. Rather, when it came out, and Dodge started taking orders, buyers were already lining up to get in on the action.

If you are not a muscle car fan, you probably have no idea why people are rushing out to get this car, and you probably don’t realize that a lot more people are waiting to buy this car. But, if you appreciate a true American sports car with real power, you will love the Hellcat as it features a 707 horsepower engine, which can smoke just about every other car on the road. So, remember, if you want to get the best sports car, check out the Dodge Challenger.

Of course, it’s easy to put a huge engine in a car and say it’s the next best sports car on the road. But, the Hellcat truly is, and if you see it in action or you take a look at photos, you can see that this is a modern car with all the greatest and latest accessories, all while offering you a lot of horsepower and fun. With the manual option, you can get from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, which is incredible, especially when you look at its relatively low price tag when compared to other high-end sports cars. It also boasts a top speed of 199 MPH, but it’s wise to take it easy as this car is great looking and flashing, and it will attract the attention of everyone else on the road. When it comes out again, you should check the Hellcat at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

While all of this is true, and it’s a great car, you should not get too excited. It may be some time before you can get on at your local dealer as Dodge is still dealing with the initial backlog. But it’s nice to hear someone so high up at Dodge acknowledge the situation as it’s obviously going to improve in the future. While Tim Kuniskis did not reveal the exact date when Doge will start taking orders, he simply ended his brief interview with the LA Time by saying “We’ll make them happy” This should be good news in the long run for anyone who wants to get behind the wheel of a Dodge Hellcat. Simply put, the Dodge Charger is coming back soon.

If you want to run out and buy a Hellcat in the next couple of months, you are going to be disappointed. But, this is a great car, and if you can wait a while, you will have an easy chance to pick one of the best muscle cars on the planet.

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