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Detroit Plant Rolls Off 6 Millionth Vehicle


Almost Quarter Century of Production

The Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly Plant recently celebrated the production of its 6 millionth vehicle, a feat that was 24 years in the making. The 75th Anniversary Grand Cherokee Jeep had its engine fired up at around 8:30 p.m. on May 25 as the production team readied it for delivery to a customer. “Reaching this milestone is a reflection of this plant’s commitment to supporting the continued growth of the Jeep brand around the world and playing a role in the comeback of Detroit,” according to plant manager Curt Towne. “Our employees are proud to be a part of this unique time in the history of both the company and the city. They understand that not only are they contributing to the success of FCA US, but they are proving that Detroit will always be the Motor City.” Many of the Grand Cherokees on the lot at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas were produced in the Jefferson Plant.

Plant Operational Two Shifts a Day

The way Detroit has rebounded from the auto industry collapse is evident in the production schedule at the Jefferson Plant. A total of 4,500 workers alternate schedules to keep the plant running two 10-hour shifts per day, six days each week. It only takes about a day and a half from the time a vehicle leaves the body shop to the time it rolls off the assembly line, ready for delivery. The 6 million vehicles that have come off the line would create a row of cars, trucks and SUVs that would stretch around the Earth one and a half times. Last year, the plant was responsible for the production of more than 365,000 vehicles, or one thousand vehicles each day.

Chrysler Invests $1.2 Billion in 1992

Chrysler originally invested more than a billion dollars in the Jefferson Plant back in 1972 when the Grand Cherokee was the main production vehicle. That investment not only included infrastructure, but also research, development and engineering of the new models. Along with the Grand Cherokee, the plant also produced the Jeep Commander and Dodge Durango. The new plant replaced another one nearby that produced over 8 million vehicles in an 83-year run that began in 1907.

Grand Cherokee Brings Sophistication to Four-Wheeling

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a long history of not only being one of the toughest four-wheel drive vehicles on the trail, but also one of the most comfortable. With features like an 8.4-inch touchscreen, navigation, sunroof and leather trim seats, the Big Daddy of the Jeep family makes a perfect daily driver that transforms into an off-road beast on the weekend. Check out the entire Grand Cherokee lineup at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

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