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Could a New Dodge Viper Be On The Way?

2013-srt-viper_600x0wThe Dodge Viper has long remained as a top tier vehicle in the realm of performance based cars. But now, there are rumors that a new Viper with a V10 engine could be on its way. If this is true, it will officially become the fastest consumer vehicle ever built by an American automaker. When the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was introduced to the world, it was considerably faster than the current Viper. However, there quickly became speculation that this type of engine would eventually make its way into the Dodge Viper. The problem is this type of engine probably wouldn’t fit into the current Viper.

To address this problem, Dodge came up with a nifty solution: why not create a powerful, supercharged V10 Viper that would provide far more torque and horsepower than the Challenger or Charger? In fact, why not take things a step further and create a more powerful vehicle than any other sold in the world? Most of us are happy to hear that there are rumors that this new “super engine” is already underway and should arrive sooner than we all think. For the previous statements to be true, this new Viper would need to have more than 707 horsepower and more than 650lb-ft of torque. Visit Chapman Dodge Las Vegas to learn more.

This will be quite an achievement and upgrade considering that the current Viper only offers about 645 horsepower. It would essentially need to increase by close to 80 horsepower to overcome the Hellcat’s accomplishments. How would these accomplishments be met? One way to do this would be to tweak or enlarge the current engine, or perhaps add a blower to the V10. By understanding what a few of the current limitations are in building such a vehicle, Viper engineers will be that much closer to making this goal come true.

When trying to determine the amount of power that a supercharged engine will produce, you need to figure out the math like this: for every 14 pounds of additional power that you include into the engine, you can expect to increase the amount of power by about 2 (double). Does this really mean that 14 pounds of boost in the current Viper will lead to an overall horsepower of 1,000+? This most likely isn’t the case. Remember that these are only approximations and that the estimations are “rough” more than anything else.

There are a variety of other factors that come into play when determining how quick the new Viper will be, some of them including the vehicle’s weight, gear ratio, and transmission type. The good news is that the battle is already have over. Dodge has already increased its current Viper by about 1%, which is a considerable amount considering how quickly it was achieved. This sends us all hope that the newer and faster Dodge viper could be on its way relatively soon.

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