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Chrysler upgrades the 2013 Ram with major power and new technology


Looking at the new 2013 Ram 1500 you may not see many differences from the 2012 model but a deeper look reveals the most significant changes to the truck since 2009. There are eleven models and packages available with choices of rear or four-wheel-drive; regular, Quad, or four-door Crew Cabs; and short, medium, and long bed lengths. There are also twelve exterior color choices including five new colors. The real major changes though can be seen in regards to the powertrain and technology upgrades.

The new Pentastar V-6 engine makes 90 more horsepower boosting it to 305 hp and 34 additional lb-ft of torque reaching a new total of 269 lb-ft. The V-6 also comes with a new ZF-designed eight-speed automatic transmission called the “Torque Flite 8”. The higher end also available is the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 that has a total of 395 horsepower. The other engine option is a 4.7-liter SOHC V-8 that has 310-horsepower. Both V-8 options will have a standard six-speed automatic option as well as an eight-speed automatic option.  The eight-speed models actually have no column or console shifters but instead have a knob mounted next to the steering wheel to shift. Ram 1500 Vegas dealers will have all engine options available.

Also new to the 2013 Ram is the four-corner suspension that has five ride-height settings: Normal, Aero, Off-Road 1, Off-Road 2, and Park.  All five settings can be manually selected on a button located on the dash, or from outside the vehicle using the keyfob. Normal is the baseline setting and the truck switches into Aero automatically when accelerating to a higher speed and lowers truck 1.1 inches. Off-Road 1 raises the truck 1.2 inches, and Off-Road 2 raises the truck 2.0-inches over the Normal position. Park mode lowers the truck 2.0-inches below Normal, making it easier for the driver and occupants to get in and out of the vehicle and also easier to grab things from the bed of the truck. The new suspension system also works to maintain a steady ride by leveling any load in the bed of the truck.

As for the interior, the upgrades are just as substantial, promising a comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers of the vehicle.  Chrysler upgraded all of its upholstery to “premium materials” which feature soft-touch materials and give the truck an overall improved look.  There is also an 8.4-inch screen complete with Uconnect system. Uconnect is an infotainment system that features HD radio and satellite radio, Bluetooth phone, voice-controlled navigation with real-time fuel price technology, and it automatically updates itself via satellite. The Uconnect system can be controlled by wheel-mounted audio control. Additional features include a USB, SD card, and auxiliary connections. The USB connection also allows for an iPod to be connected and controlled through the touch screen or by the steering wheel controls.  The Uconnect system also supports MP3 and WMA files via a media storage device.

All of these upgrades allow the 2013 Ram 1500 to be powerful enough to get tough jobs done while still featuring top of the line technology. Ram Las Vegas drivers will easily be able to tell a difference from the 2012 model. Head down to your Vegas Ram Dealer to test drive the new Ram today!

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