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Chrysler embraces new car trends

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The automobile industry has developed and evolved throughout the century. But in the past two decades, we have probably seen the most shift in terms of design and performance. There are a few car model trends consumers will continue to see in future new cars for sale.

According to Automobile Magazine, there are a few trends that will continue from 2012 throughout 2015 car models. Automakers are more concerned than ever with the design of the car. A vehicle must be aesthetically pleasing and this means a slimmer design, sleeker slopes, etc.

Size is also a matter of the past. Now, smaller is better than ever. Consumers want compact cars. They want something easy to handle that will also get great gas mileage. Another trend we might see come to fruition soon are vehicles that can drive on their own, controlled by a computer. These cars continue to be in the developmental stage, but they are being worked on.

Computerized helpers will also continue to be used in newer vehicles. This means blind spot assistance, automated parking, brake assist, etc. If you’re looking for new cars for sale that have these features visit your local Chapman dealership.

Chrysler will no doubt continue debuting cars that utilize these trends to their fullest. The 2014 Chrysler 200 LX comes equipped with electronic stability control and traction control. These two systems will help drivers remain safe on the road. The compact car is sleek and efficient, getting about 29 miles per gallon.

The Chrysler 300 also uses some fancy technology to ensure driver safety. It comes equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, traction control, electronic stability control, variable windshield wipers (which can sense when there’s moisture on the window and active automatically), etc.

To check out what Chrysler has to offer in its new 2014 models visit Chapman Las Vegas.

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