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Captivating and Heartwarming Dodge Commercial Shown During This Year’s Super Bowl

b855be44a3567f8c96215e9feff3003d98b809f0_480x360If you managed to catch a glimpse of this year’s Super Bowl, you probably also witnessed some pretty captivating commercials. But perhaps none of them were more touching and heartwarming than Dodge’s commercial. As you already know by now, most of the commercials played during the Super Bowl include animals, kids, or other random “weirdness.” However, Dodge’s Super Bowl commercial really helped spread a positive message regarding respect and wisdom.

Essentially, the commercial begins with individuals who are older than 100 (some of them are a little younger). These people talk about powerful advice and tips to carry through life. From here, the commercial sort of turns these people into adrenaline junkies! For example, after giving a heartwarming piece of advice, the women goes on to say, “Live fast, and never, ever forget where you cam from.” It shows Dodge vehicles throughout the commercial as well.

Apparently, the commercial was designed to demonstrate just how wise older individuals could be, but that they can also have a “wild side.” But there’s also one more reason why Dodge chose to have individuals older than 100 on their commercial: it’s because the company itself is more than a century old!

That’s actually pretty cool, and it’s actually funny to think about the fact that many people who drive Dodge vehicles don’t actually know this. Overall, we can all agree that Dodge did a really good job at drawing correlations between their company and the wisdom of our elders.

Since Dodge’s original conception more than 100 years ago, the company has managed to achieve many prominent achievements. Many of the newer cars produced by the company originated from about 1914, and have slowly evolved over the years.

Some of their more popular products have been designed within the last 20 years, including the Dodge Caravan and Dodge Ram lineup. The main reason why these vehicles have gone mainstream is because they offer the perfect balance between safety, performance, and practicality. A Las Vegas Dodge dealer will offer all of the Dodge vehicles you’re interested in.

In today’s day and age, it can be difficult to find a reliable vehicle that outperforms the competition in all three areas. When the Dodge brothers created their company a long time back, they were focused on both upgraded technology and cheap pricing in all of their vehicles. These goals have stood the test of time, and today, Dodge continues to act on these goals for customers all around the world. With their vision, the Dodge brothers managed to bring their car company into an already competitive market – and succeed.

The primary message of the commercial is this: take everything as a learning experience. Older individuals aren’t wise because they’re smart per se – they’re wise because they’ve seen in all. Dodge is a car company that has also seen it all, and it’s because of the fact that they’ve seen it all that they are able to consistently deliver budget-friendly vehicles that surpass the expectations of millions of car buyers around the world. Visit Chapman Dodge Las Vegas to check out their quality selection of vehicles.

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