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A few Accessories to Consider Getting to Make your Dodge Ram even Better for summer driving


Few vehicles are as powerful, versatile and fun to drive as the Dodge Ram. This popular truck lets you go anywhere off-road or on and do almost anything you want. As summer approaches and you’re planning more adventures in your Dodge Ram, there are some accessories you can add to make your great truck a fantastic one. They can be as simple as seat covers to match your truck’s color, trailer hitch accessories to let you tow your boat and take advantage your trucks strength or wheel-well liners that will help protect your trucks undercarriage no matter where your summer travels take you. A few simple accessories can help your Dodge Ram to look and perform better and make you feel more comfortable wherever life’s journeys take you.

Rugged Fender Flares

If you want your Dodge Ram to look even more aggressive and be better protected when you venture off-road, add rugged, all-terrain fender flares. These wheel flares are both stylish and useful. Their oversized design can help to protect the paint on the body of your truck from mud, rocks and any other type of debris you may encounter on your adventures.

Bed Extender

If you want to be able to take more stuff with your as you explore the world in your rugged, beautiful Dodge Ram, consider adding a bed extender. Available in both tubular aluminum and black painted aluminum, these bed extenders easily attach to the back of your Dodge Ram’s bed to give you extra space for your gear. Good bed extenders pivot in and out and give you added storage and convenience. When flipped inward, they serve as a convenient divider and help prevent your cargo from sliding around. Flipped outward, they extend the bed area of your truck’s tailgate and increases the bed’s overall capacity. Many bed extender have molded in bag hooks or hangers.

Side Steps

For both convenience and style, side steps are an excellence addition to your Dodge Ram. Not only do they make it safer and easier to go in and out of your truck, they also make a great paint job on your truck look even better. Hopping in and out will be a breeze and the added convenience these steps provide will make your Dodge Ram more accessible to every member of your family no matter their age or size.

Truck Bed Cover

On your summer travels you will undoubtedly be putting lots of stuff in the bed of your truck. If you want to protect the bed from wear and tear, opt for a bed cover. Not only will it protect the bed from bumps, dents and scratches, it will also make loading and unloading a lot easier. Plus it will make your Dodge Ram continue to look great for years to come. These bed covers will also make getting rid of spills and debris a breeze.

With these simple additions you’ll have more fun with your Dodge Ram this summer and many more summers to come. If you haven’t ever taken one for a spin, you can head down to¬†Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and see what you are missing.

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