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2017 Pacifica Provides What Families Want


Has Up to Eight Seats and Great Fuel Economy

Chrysler is helping consumers to change the way they think about the minivan, starting with the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. The old Town and Country minivan has gone the way of the station wagon. It was a useful people hauler while it lasted, but the term “minivan” turned off people who weren’t quite ready to retire their sporty side. The new Pacifica, arriving at Chapman Chrysler Las Vegas later this spring, is a crossover that not only offers seating for eight, but promises to have best-in-class fuel economy. A hybrid version comes out later this year to provide even greater miles per gallon.

New Pacifica Debuts at Detroit Auto Show

Chrysler proudly took the wraps off the new Pacifica at the recent Detroit Auto Show, the mecca for auto lovers and industry execs. The Pacifica is much sleeker than the old Town and Country, offering an aerodynamic look and as much sportiness as one could expect in a vehicle this large. The design adapts some of the looks of the popular Chrysler 200, including a rounded nose, hood definition and lower sideview mirrors to allow for a quarter window. The seats are also lower, which provides a feeling of more room for the passengers. There will be several different trim packages, with more expensive models adorned in chrome trim.

Chassis Redesign Lowers Weight, Increases Rigidity

Chrysler engineers really took their pencils to paper to cut out about 200 pounds from the Town and Country. Aluminum sliding doors, a lightweight liftgate and dashboard made out of magnesium all cut out some pounds. The second row of the Stow & Go seat compartments were aligned with heavy duty frame rails to provide a third more rigidity than the Town and Country. That equates to a smoother ride and safer structure for passengers.

Reliable 3.6-liter V6 is Initial Engine Choice

When the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica first arrives at Chapman Chrysler Las Vegas later this spring, you’ll find it equipped with Chrysler’s trusted 3.6-liter Pentastar engine. It will be paired with a nine-speed transmission to offer top fuel economy. Wait until later this year for the plug-in hybrid model to arrive, which does require some design changes. The batteries are in the floor, so that Pacifica will not have Stow & Go seats. Whether or not you plug the vehicle in, you should get gas mileage in the 80 mpge range. “Hybrid is a known technology that people trust,” according to Tim Kuniskis, head of Dodge passenger car brands. “If you never plug this in, you’re still going to get a really, really good number.”

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