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2017 Chrysler minivan coming; Dodge not leaving yet

2017 Minivan

In January 2016, Chrysler will debut its 2017 Chrysler Town & Country minivan during the North American International Auto Show. A few months later, the company will reveal its plug-in hybrid version of the minivan. But that move does not spell the death knell for the Dodge Grand Caravan. The company will continue to build this iconic vehicle for the foreseeable future with strong sales in Canada and parts of the U.S. market. By producing both vehicles simultaneously, the company has shown it wants to control the past, present, and future of the minivan.

The company invented the minivan with the release of the Plymouth Voyager in 1983. It continued to dominate the minivan market and lead it in sales until 2007. During that time, it had 12 straight years where it sold over a million minivans. The minivan not only saved the company from financial ruin, it also produced millions in profits annually. But the company is not keeping the Dodge Grand Caravan for nostalgic reasons. The vehicle provides consumers with a lower cost option when they are looking for an automobile large enough to carry lots of people. To see how well it can fit into your lifestyle, check one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

The production of the plug-in version of the 2017 Chrysler Town & Country minivan is a little surprising given Fiat Chrysler Automobile CEO’s reluctance to become involved in producing electric vehicles. Still, this new minivan will test the acceptance of hybrid technology by consumers. This is important because by 2023, most of its vehicles will have alternative powertrains. Plus, committing to produce this new generation of minivans signals Chrysler isn’t ready to abandon a segment of the automotive industry they invented and which is still profitable.

However, developing a new Chrysler Town & Country and not redesigning the Dodge Grand Caravan shows Chrysler is serious about ending duplication among its brands. Instead it will keep producing Dodge Grand Caravan’s current generation as long as the U.S. and Canadian market continues to have a demand for it. The company expects a good reception to the new minivan in both its standard and hybrid versions. How soon the Dodge Grand Caravan is phased out depends on the strength of the demand for the new Town & Country along with the company’s need for production capacity at its Windsor, Canada facility.

Crossovers are currently the U.S.’ most popular vehicle. But Chrysler hasn’t produced a full-size crossover since their Pacifica in 2007. Although the company recently filed an application to renew the trademark on the Pacifica name, they don’t have plans to begin producing it again. Plus the Pacifica lacks the name recognition of the Town & Country.

While SUVs and crossovers are now more popular than minivans, there’s still a market for minivans. Chrysler will continue to fill that need with the Dodge Grand Caravan while working to offer the first with plug-in hybrid minivan. They’re also working on a minivan-based crossover. The new hybrid minivan can be built in the Windsor that produces the current Dodge by just adding a few new stations for the hybrid powertrain and the foot-operated sliding door.

Chrysler spent $2 billion to retool the Windsor minivan plant. It’s also adding and training new workers for its minivan program to preparation to launch the new minivan next year. It doesn’t plan to relinquish the minivan market anytime soon.

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