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2017 Challenger GT Is The First All-wheel Drive American Muscle Coupe In The World

Dodge has done it again. The company has long been known for its powerful muscle cars, and now with the release of the 2017 Challenger GT, Dodge has given automotive enthusiasts the ultimate gift. The company has introduced the world’s first all-wheel-drive muscle coupe. Just when you couldn’t decide what to give the gearhead in your life comes this gift seemingly from the automotive gods. The 2017 Dodge Challenger GT is sure to redefine what people mean when they talk about an all-terrain, all-weather vehicle. This vehicle is designed to handle inclement weather and rugged mountain roads.

With this new more versatile vehicle, Dodge is in the process of dramatically changing the existing muscle car paradigm. While the Challenger has been the most functional and wide-ranging muscle car ever since it was first introduced, the company has now taken it to an entirely new level. Dodge has given the 2017 Challenger GT a new 305 horsepower engine and added all-wheel drive to what already was an outstanding automobile. The changes now enable the Challenger GT to stretch geographic and functional boundaries a whole lot further.

This kind of innovation is what the car buying public has come to expect from Dodge. The company has long been known for pushing the boundary when it comes to raw power and superior handling. Chrysler changed the automotive choice for two generations with its introduction of the minivan. Now the company is doing it again with this new Challenger GT. No longer do off-roading enthusiasts have to gravitate towards a truck or an SUV. Now they can blast through streams and mud in style. This could lead to the dawning of a new day when it comes to the way people see off-roading vehicles.

Once again Dodge has raised the bar when it comes to automotive performance. The 2017 Dodge Challenger GT signals that it’s no longer enough to attempt to mimic the power in the company’s long line of muscle cars. If companies hope to compete, its automobiles will now have to be a lot more versatile. Dodge has raised the bar, and with it the expectations of the driving public. This new vehicle shows that power, style and off-road ability are no longer mutually exclusive. And once again, it is Dodge that is leading the way to this new automotive frontier. Dodge has a lot of great vehciles, and if for some reason, the 2017 Challenger GT is not your style, you can take other cars for a test drive at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

Dodge will release the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT sometime during the winter. That leaves plenty of time for people with hopes of driving this groundbreaking automobile to help old ladies across the street, volunteer to help the poor or do anything else they think will get them on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list. And it’s well worth it to drive a legendary automobile that is sure to be the envy of all that hear its engine roar and see it zooming through even the roughest tracks and trails. With this new boundary smashing automobile, Dodge has now given the automotive world a peek at the future of the muscle car. A future where Dodge vehicles continue to hold sway.

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