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The 2017 Dodge Challenger isn’t just another powerful, good-looking automobile. It’s also one of the safest on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just gave it an overall safety rating of five-stars. That’s the highest score an automobile can earn in the NHTSA vehicle-evaluation program. This is the fifth time the Dodge Challenger has been awarded the overall safety rating of five stars out of five. This rating reflects FCA and Dodge’s commitment to the safety of the drivers and passengers in its automobiles. But, despite the fact that it’s a safe car, it’s also a fun one to drive, and you can see for yourself at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas

Dodge has long been known for its high-performance, extremely comfortable, stylish automobiles. Now the company is making its Dodge Challenger an even better value. The 2017 Dodge Challenger’s high-strength steel structure plays a significant role in the vehicle being rated five-stars in both side impact tests performed by the NHTSA. In addition to that, it has 70 other safety and security features available. They include Rear Cross Path detection, Blind-Spot Monitoring and Forward Collision Warning. This shows the company’s commitment to occupant safety in its vehicles.

The combination of the sporty Challenger’s carefully integrated side-guard door beams and its body structure that’s about 60% high-strength steel led to the vehicle’s top-rated performance in the side-impact testing carried out by the NHTSA. The NHTSA simulated collisions with other vehicles at 62 miles per hour and with a pole at 32 miles per hour as part of its testing. The Challenger earned their five star rating, the organization’s highest in each of the test. This should help to give occupants the peace of mind knowing they’re safe no matter what happens.

The 2017 Challenger’s supplementary restraint systems also played a role in its high crash safety rating. Having standard equipment like side airbags for both the driver and front passenger on all trim levels of the new Challenger also contributed the car’s stellar performance on the NHTSA safety tests. The NHTSA also made note of the availability of a forward Collision Warning system with forward-facing sensors programmed to detect a pending frontal collision. The vehicle alerts the driver by transmitting both audio and visual warnings, and the system pre-fills the brakes when it senses an imminent collision.

The 2017 Dodge Challenger offers blind spot warning employers sensors to help the driver when they are passing, being passed or changing lanes. When the sensors pick up a vehicle in the blind spot, icons on the side-view mirrors light-up and a chime sounds. When in reverse and the driver is backing the Challenger out of a parking space, the Rear Collision Path detection warns of passing traffic. These systems have helped the Dodge Challenger to receive a five-star rating every year it was awarded since 2008.

Dodge is America’s mainstream performance brand. The brand is focused on its roots in performance on all of its models and by adding SRT it has created complete and balanced performance. Whether you choose Dodge full-sized SUVs, Crossovers, minivans or muscle cars, the brand delivers class-exclusive technology, best-in-class horsepower, cool features and unmatched capability.



Winter will be here soon. So now is the perfect time to make sure your Ram is ready to deal with the ravages of cold weather. Even though Ram trucks are tough and versatile enough to handle any type of weather conditions, it is wise to make sure to do the proper winter maintenance and preparation. If you have a late model Dodge truck you won’t have to do too much to get it ready for winter. Still, there are a few things every truck owner should do to ensure their truck makes it through whatever winter brings with flying colors. Most of them are simple, easy and inexpensive. And, if you have any issues, you can always bring it into Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

Routine Maintenance

One common reason people have problems with their trucks in winter is because they fail to do routine maintenance. Most newer Rams don’t require extensive winterizing. Simply check the owners manual and make sure you have had all the required services performed by a reputable technician. This should include checking all the fluids under the hood and replacing them if necessary. Pay particular attention to your engine coolant and make sure you have the right winter mix. Plus be sure to get your oil changed at the appropriate time. Your transmission fluid should be checked as well.

The Battery

Problems starting in cold weather is another common issue people have with their vehicles in the winter. Often the problem is the battery. So as winter approaches be sure your battery is in tip top shape. Make sure the battery leads are intact, tight and corrosion free. Have your battery tested to ensure it is at full power. If it is not, then charge it or replace it. Many places will test your battery at no charge.

An Emergency Kit

You should always keep an emergency kit in your truck. That kit should have jumper cables, a tow strap, a blanket, bottled water, a mobile charger and a first aid kit. Even if your truck never needs it, that emergency kit may come in handy for helping someone else.

Check Your Tires

Depending on the age of your tires and the amount of wear and tear they have endured, you must make sure they are prepared to take on the winter. Make sure they have the right amount of air pressure and the threads are not overly worn. Consider if they need to be replaced or if you should put on snow tires. Good tires are an important safety feature. Pay attention to them.

Windshield Wipers

Before the inclement weather begins, thoroughly inspect your windshield washer and wiper blades. Replace old or worn wiper blades immediately and make sure the washer nozzles are clear and properly aimed. Use only winter-grade windshield solvent to fill the windshield washer fluid bottle. Consider stowing an extra gallon in your truck just in case.

Four Wheel Drive

Check the operation of your truck’s 4WD components. Ensure locking hubs, push button engagement and the transfer levers move freely and engage and disengage properly. Whether you have a Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500, don’t neglect this step. 




The 2017 Dodge Durango is a formidable SUV, and it continues to be a popular seller for Dodge as buyers love the power, reliability and room. While true, like every auto manufacturer, Dodge is working on making its trucks, cars and SUVs even better, and the 2017 Dodge Durango has some subtle changes, along with some big ones. With that in mind, here are some of the changes in store for the 2017 Dodge Durango.

The most significant changes are sure to be noticed by any fans of the Durango. The GT model will replace the Limited series. On the SXT styles, three rows of seats are optional, which is an upgrade from the standard. The rearwview camera will show a view of the trailer when the vehicle is moving. It will be shown on the 8.4 inch dashboard screen. The price change for the SXT model should please anyone as it’s dropping $500. The Citadel and R/T trims will cost $100 more. Again, nothing huge or earth-shattering, but with the SXT having a third row of seats, it will attract people with families and those who want to take long road trips. While you can’t test drive the car and take it for a road trip, if you want to take a spin around the block, check one out at Chapman Dodge

With the new GT model replacing the Limited in the Durango SUV lineup, we are seeing that Dodge is more serious than ever. The GT is a great SUV that comes with leather seats, a 3.6 liter V-6 engine, a monochromatic exterior, an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear or front wheel drive – buyer’s choice. In previous models, three rows of seats were standard on all versions of the Durango. But, for the 2017 base SXT, the standard will be two rows of seats that hold five passengers. A third row of seats will be an option, as well. A third row will remain standard on the R/T, Citadel and GT models, and they seat seven passengers comfortably or six passengers when the middle row is two captain’s chairs.

On models with the 8.4-inch Uconnect touch-screen, the rear camera can now show the view of a trailer being towed while the SUV is moving. On the SXT model, a rearview camera is an option, and it’s standard on the other trims. People who tow a lot and want to use their SUVs to the max will love the rearview camera as it comes in handy, and Dodge listened to the demands of their buyers when adding this feature.

With the Durango being the larger of Dodge’s SUVs, it’s used for towing and heavy duty tasks. The Durango is based on a rear-drive truck platform, which offers drivers the chance to go off-road, carry a lot of stuff and people or two heavy items. With towing capability of up 7,400, with the V-8, and three rows of seats, we can see why the Durango is the best choice when compared to flimsier and smaller SUVs. While the company didn’t rock the boat and make huge changes, Dodge did enough to entice people to check out its new additions, and if you are in the market for an SUV, you should take a long and hard look at the 2017 Dodge Durango.