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Dodge Orange

Just when you thought Dodge couldn’t do anything else to make their 2016 Charger and Challenger more attractive, the company announced it’s going to add a vibrant new color to the palette from which Dodge buyers can choose. The color is ‘Go Mango’ orange and when you see it draped all over these high-performance automobiles, you will instantly understand what all the fuss is about. The new color seems to make the cars look faster and more aerodynamic. Whether it’s just an optical illusion or Dodge has managed to use paint to reduce wind resistance and add a few more horsepower is anyone’s guess. But muscle car lovers owe it to themselves to check out the effect ‘Go Mango’ has on these cars. To see how much muscle we are talking about, you should test drive one at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

The vibrant new color was debuted in Irvine, California at the Festival of Spring and the audience loved it. Dodge has added ‘Go Mango’ orange to its new line of brilliantly bright colors being offered on the 2016 Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger. Go Mango orange joins Plum Crazy, Sublime, and B5 Blue as part of the striking color catalogue the company has developed for these powerful, high-performance beasts. Sadly, Go Mango orange will only be available on the SRT models of the 2016 Charge and Challenger. So if you’ve decided on a 2016 SRT 392 or a SRT Hellcat, you can add Go Mango orange and turn even more heads.

If the engine’s roar, and the speed and performance of these barely street legal beasts doesn’t grab your attention, this brand new color scheme sure will. Dodge’s newest gift to the automotive world, a splash of color to brighten up the streets, has been well received. And FCA management is more committed than ever to pairing striking colors with their beloved muscle cars. Go Mango orange isn’t entirely new to Dodge. It was available on the 1970 Dodge Charger and the 2006 Dodge Challenger. People that purchase the 2016 Dodge Dart can also opt for Go Mango Orange.

Dodge has long had a reputation for offering automobile that couple innovative style with superior performance. Adding these brilliant colors to some of its most powerful performance automobiles continues in that tradition. The company has never been afraid to make bold, daring statements and adding Go Mango orange to its brilliant new color catalogue pure Dodge. So now it’s easier to see the SRT 392 and SRT Hellcat Charger and Challenger, however, you don’t have a chance to catch them once they put the pedal to the metal.

Your best chance to get a good look at the Go Mango orange Charger and Challenger is at the dealership or at a traffic light. Once the light changes you’ll be left admiring its newly designed taillights and rear fascia and wondering why your world suddenly seems more drab and colorless. So if you want to add some color, power, and excitement to your life, check out the Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT in Go Mango orange at a dealer near you.


Jeep’s Military Legacy Embodied in New Model

The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition honors the patriotic commitment of all service members with special badging and features. Along with the sharp appearance package, Jeep is donating a portion of each sale to the USO to help support active military and veterans who have served their country. Along with Freedom Edition decals on the fenders, passenger rear panel and hood, a special nod is given to “Oscar Mike,” the Military phonetic shorthand for “On the Move.” A front panel badge and seat embroidery display the Oscar Mike logo, a special nod to those who have served. Talk to the folks at Chapman Jeep Las Vegas to see about getting a test drive in a Freedom Edition Wrangler.

This Jeep More Than a Few Decals

Although the markings are cool and pay tribute to the Military, the Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition is much more than a few decals. Granite Crystal 17-inch wheels and tires provide plenty of control in tough road conditions and match the glossy granite crystal grille. This trail-rated Jeep is powered by the 285-horsepower 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, which provides plenty of torque to get you out of the toughest situations. Features like Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control provide just that extra touch of assistance that can mean the difference between a successful trail run and a trip to the body shop.

Jeep’s Come a Long Way in Last 75 Years

Although there’s a clear resemblance between the 2016 Jeep Wrangler and the utility military vehicle that started it all in 1941, there are also a lot of differences. Where comfort was not really in the equation at the start of World War II, the new Wrangler is a tough little trail buster that features the interior and amenities of a luxury car. A leather-wrapped steering wheel puts controls for the infotainment system just a finger’s reach away. Dual climate control helps keep driver and passenger at the right temperature when hearts start beating a little faster at the top of a ridge. Leather-trimmed seats with substantial bolsters serve a dual purpose; they are extremely comfortable while helping to keep your body upright as you maneuver your way through canyons and over boulders.

Trail Rated Proves Off-road Capability

The Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition is Trail Rated, which means it passes a series of tests designed to mimic the toughest trails in the world. Traction, Water Fording, Maneuverability, Articulation and Ground Clearance are the five separate categories that separate a Trail Rated Jeep from the rest of the pack. Swing by Chapman Jeep Las Vegas and see how a Trail Rated Jeep differs from a standard four by four.