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2016 Dodge Viper ACR

The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR is a barely street legal racecar with a close-knit community of devotees. Some of them recently got together at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for two days to show off the speed, power, and handling of this high performance vehicle at an event called the Viper Tracks II. They were there to show what the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR could do when drivers are bold and skilled enough to put the pedal to the metal and let the latest and greatest iteration of this muscular, powerful beast express itself. The result was two days of awesome automotive performance. To see the performance in the real world, come down to Chapman Dodge and see one for yourself. You are sure to be impressed.

The American Club Racer (ACR) version of the Viper was designed to mirror the Shelby Cobra. This modernized monster was meant to be driven on a track almost exclusively. With its 8.4-liter, 645 horsepower V10 engine, 600 lb-ft of torque, and smooth shifting manual six-speed Tremec TR6060 transmission, this is really a racecar that’s been plated and placed in showrooms. Putting it through its paces is not for the uninitiated or the faint of heart. The Viper is a fearsome beast the slices through the air at up to 177 miles per hour (Over 200 mph without its aero entourage).  While you will not have the chance to push the limits that far, if you take one for a test drive at Las Vegas Dodge, you will fall in love.

Upgraded with its ‘Extreme Aero Package it features an enormous X-Wing fighter’s S-foils rear spoiler, super-sized struts, front fenders with dive plane-like vestigial tusks, an under-bumper diffuser, removable hood ornaments and wheel well caps, and a full chin spoiler, the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR looks like a wild beast. Plus many elements can be removed, repositioned, or reconfigured to improve performance. Start the ignition and the engines roars to with a venom that produces triple-digit speeds as this dynamically sculpted beast hurtles down the track on massive 19-inch tires.

Drivers with only an intermediate level of experience may fear the Viper is a capricious monster. But even inexperienced drivers at Viper Tracks II say the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR isn’t only nimble, it adheres to the track, pushes the performance envelope, and engages all the senses. Its responsiveness, bolstered by the SRT engineers’ setup of the Bilstein 10-way adjustable coilover shocks, is superb. The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR has a seamless blend of aero stickiness and mechanical grip.

While the powerful engine helped draw the worship, adulation, and attention to the Viper, so did the effectiveness of the controlled braking provided by the carbon ceramic rotors. This small group of passionate Viper fanatics made up of weekend amateurs and professional racers that gathered for Viper Tracks II understand the future of the Dodge Viper ACR is endangered. Chrysler hasn’t committed to producing the Viper after the 2017 model year. So these Viper fans are reaching out to as many people as to make them aware of the power, handling, and performance of the Viper and trying to help create support for it by holding events like this.

They want people to know this awesome Viper is truly a racecar for the street and anyone can handle it and emerge unbitten.

Brass Monkey Durango

Tales of the demise of the Dodge Durango are dramatically overblown. In fact, this nimble, powerful beast is quietly coming off its best sales year since 2006. And as if that wasn’t enough, Dodge has just unveiled the 2016 Dodge Durango with the amazing Brass Monkey package. Plus it also gave consumers a peek at the 2016 Durango with an anodized platinum trim. It’s enough to make consumers seeking a good-looking, powerful SUV with an aggressive-looking exterior and an amazing array of creature comforts and technological advancements sit up and take notice.

Both versions new versions of the Dodge Durango can handle a payload of about 1,300 pounds and enough power to tow a small house. The V6 model has a towing rating of 6,200 pounds. The V8 model is even stronger. It can tow between 7,200 and 7,400 pounds. That means towing that boat, trailer, or heavy-duty equipment just got a lot easier. That glint of light you see and that clinking sound you hear is people that just bought the Brass Monkey edition and or the Dodge Durango with the anodized platinum trim toasting with Moet, Chivas, or anything else they can get their hands on. To get your hands on one, head to Chapman Dodge.
Dealers offering the new 2016 Dodge Durango started taking orders in mid-February, and the response has been great. But this is not your father’s Dodge Durango. The two new appearance packages available with the 2016 Dodge Durango, the Brass Monkey and the Anodized Platinum, are just the beginning. Dodge dealers have much more in store. However, the Brass Monkey package available on the Durango Limited which comes with mean-looking 20-inch burnished bronze wheels, gloss-black grille, a monochromatic exterior, and an exterior badge will turn so many heads it should come with a whiplash warning. At a Las Vegas Dodge dealership, you can see the powerful and fun-to-drive SUV in person.

And if the Brass Monkey edition doesn’t do it for you, the Anodized Platinum model surely will. This package is only available on the best Citadel trim. It boasts not only 20-inch satin carbon wheels, but a grille, door handles, lower sills, fog lamp bezel, mirror caps, and exterior badge covered in platinum. Talk about making a statement. There is even a Beastie Boy edition of the Brass Monkey 2016 Dodge Durango.

But these mean machines are not just good-looking. Under the hood you can choose from a 293-horsepower, V6 engine with 260 lb-ft of torque or upgrade to the V8 Hemi which has 360 horsepower and 390-lb-ft of torque. Either of these engines you choose is mated with a smooth shifting eight-speed automatic transmission. The V6 has all-wheel drive and delivers 21 mpg while the V8 Hemi version gets a respectable 17 mpg. Perfect for whatever people need to do with these powerful automobiles. Whether you take them off road, on road or anywhere in between, these vehicle deliver.

And the 2016 Durango is priced to sell. With a starting price of $31,490, including destination charges to $42,990 for the Citadel, you’re sure to get your money’s worth and more.

ram 2500 hd package

Three-quarter Ton Truck Handles Rough Roads

If your job or recreational activities require something more than a half-ton truck or small SUV to conquer tough terrain, the Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty truck with a 4×4 Off Road package is built to take punishment. Whether your daily travels take you through mud, snow or over boulders and other large obstacles, the 2500 HD has the suspension, chassis and engine to get you home safely. “Truck customers require a wide range of off-road capability options and Ram trucks are designed and engineered for the full spectrum,” according to the head of Ram Trucks, Bob Hegbloom. “Anyone who spends most days on the outskirts of a job site or the weekend on the shore of a favorite fishing hole will benefit from the standard features on our new Ram 2500 4×4 Off-road Package.”

New Off-road Truck Coming This Fall

Check in with Chapman Dodge Las Vegas for the actual arrival date of the new Ram 2500, scheduled for sometime this fall. Standard features include two large tow hooks to help yourself or others out of a jam, large fender flares to protect the body and windows and special monotube shocks that can take whatever Mother Nature dishes out. A five-link coil suspension system helps smooth out the ride, especially when paired with Firestone LT 275/70R 18E OWL tires, which have specially designed grooves to help eliminate mud and debris and provide more traction.

Skid Plate Helps Protect Oil Pan and Transfer Case

A heavy duty steel skid plate is strategically placed under the engine to help ward off damage from unseen rocks, tree trunks and other large obstacles. To help keep the Ram 2500 under control when heading down steep declines, standard Hill-descent Control uses the engine to slow the vehicle down without the need to shift or apply the brakes. A locking rear differential keeps both wheels turning to provide maximum traction, then unlocks when you head out on the highway for a better driving experience.

Off-road Package Available on all Trim Levels

Head over to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas to see all the different trim levels available on the Ram 2500. Whether you go for the base Tradesman, top-of-the-line Limited or anywhere in between, you can order your new truck with the special Off-road Package. You can also get the package with a Crew Cab or Mega Cab, as well as with gas or diesel engines and any length wheelbase. The new Off-road package is just another feature of the Ram truck line, which already has best-in-class fuel economy, towing, payload and torque.



The Dodge Durango is stepping up its game. Dodge is now giving Durango buyers the option to upgrade their truck with new upscale appearance packages. They include the Anodized Platinum and Brass Monkey appearance packages. The Brass Monkey appearance was actually first used on the 2015 Challenger SRT and Charger. These days people that purchase the 2016 Dodge Durango Limited also have the option to have it upgraded with the Brass Monkey package for a small fee. It’s well worth it for the increased level of luxury which this package provides.

These new appearance packages take the 2016 Dodge Durango to a whole new level. The Durango has always been roomy, powerful, and versatile. The upgraded appearance packages add a level of style and comfort it never had before. Now you can look even better whether you are taking the kids to practice or your spouse out for a night out on the town. But the Durango is still powerful enough to haul or tow any load you need moved. Because even though the 2016 Dodge Durango looks great, has a roomy interior, and all the creature comforts, it’s still a workhorse at heart. To see it in action, come down to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and see what you are missing out on.

Adding the Brass Monkey package makes the Durango look incredible. It all starts at the front of the truck. The Brass Monkey package features a Gloss Black grille and a badge. Add 20-inch Burnished Bronze aluminum wheels, along with a classic looking monochromatic exterior color scheme and the result is a truck that’s an iron fist in a velvet glove. It looks sleek and civilized, but it still has that aggressive look and powerful engine that Durango fans love. The Brass Monkey package turns the 2016 Dodge Durango into the perfect vehicle for any occasion or situation.

People that choose the Anodized Platinum are in for a real treat. This appearance package which is available on the Durango Citadel is truly amazing. Not only does it make the Durango look great, it does it in a more subtle way than the Brass Monkey package. For the Anodized Platinum it all begins with the upscale Platinum finish that is applied to the fog light bezels, grille, door handles, side mirror caps, the lower sills and the badge. When you add 20-inch Satin Carbon aluminum wheels, it transforms the rugged Durango into a sophisticated-looking truck that can fit in at the opera, the rodeo, or hauling huge loads through muck and mire.

The new appearance packages makes the 2016 Dodge Durango a more versatile vehicle. They make the truck look like a linebacker in a perfectly tailored business suit. You know at the drop of a hat it can go into beast mode and get even the most difficult, dirtiest job done. But it is also urbane, sophisticated, and classy enough to fit seamlessly into any social situation. Plus you can also add a nine speaker premium sound system from BeatsAudio and seats made of Radar Red Nappa leather with both appearance packages for even more comfort.



It’s been 3 years since Dodge unleashed the Viper on an unsuspecting public. Car enthusiasts were impressed by its looks, power, handling, and performance, but apparently not by its price. Plus Dodge was only committed to producing about 1000 Vipers each year with the potential for 500 more if there were enough demand. But sales of the sporty Viper has been modest at best.

In February 2013 the company delivered the 5th generation Dodge Viper to dealerships around the country. February 2016 marked the completion of the third year the Viper has been available and Dodge has released its 3-year sales update. Sales of the Viper were decent in year one and better in year two. But year three saw a step drop in demand. The modest sales of the modern Viper over its first three years has led the company to discontinue it after the 2017 model is released. So, if you want to get your hands on one now, come to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

In 2013, year one of modern Viper production, sales started off slow. Less than a dozen Vipers were sold in the first two months. When sales improved from April through July to almost 100 Vipers a month, Dodge wondered if they’d need to increase production. Alas, that was not to be. Only 110 Vipers were sold in August and September combined. Dodge sold 175 Vipers in October, November and December to end the year having sold a total of 591 Vipers.

January 2014 buoyed Dodge’s hopes as 47 Vipers were sold. People bought 41 Vipers in February and 67 of their V10 supercar in March month. The company’s hopes were raised when 97 Vipers sold in April. But sales were disappointing once again in May and June when 63 and 36 vehicles were sold respectively. After selling a combined 84 Vipers in July and August, the company lowered the price by $15,000.

The ploy worked. Dodge sold a record 108 Vipers in September. But that remains the Chrysler Group’s high-water mark for sales of the Viper in a single month. Sales dropped to a decent but slightly disappointing 80 units in October and 45 in November. Viper sales were a robust 89 in December. The company ended the year having sold a total of 760 Vipers.

January 2015 saw buyers snap up 61 Dodge Vipers. Sales improved to 64 in February. They never matched those numbers the rest of the year. Sales of the Viper ended up averaging 56 cars a month for the rest 2015. August was the worst month with only 40 Vipers being sold. Viper sales in 2015 fell to just 676 units. The die was cast. The future of the Dodge Viper supercar was dim. The Chrysler Group had no choice but to make the difficult decision to discontinue the Dodge Viper line.

In three years of production Dodge sold 2,079 Vipers. Engineers explain that not being able to add side curtain airbags help to doom the modern Viper. Still, the company didn’t rule out a return of the Viper sometime in the future.