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RAM 1500 HFE


If you are in the market for a pickup truck, you probably aren’t thinking about gas mileage. With the recent drop in fuel prices, a lot of people think that they can get a gas guzzler again. But, smart buyers know that fuel prices will rise again, and they are likely to stay high. Luckily, if you are in the mood for a high-powered truck that can do it all, you can run out and buy the RAM 1500 HFE.

With the 1500 HFE, you can get outstanding fuel economy as the 3.6L Pentastar™VVT V6 version gives you an impressive and very decent 30 mpg on the highway. Or, if you want, you can opt for the 3.0L EcoDiesel, which will give you a class-leading low-end torque and excellent fuel economy of up to 35 mpg on the highway. Now, if you want to get a fuel-saving truck, you probably want to know how it works. The truck has active grille shutters, an eight-speed automatic transmission and the ever-impressive Stop/Start technology with the 3.6-liter engine. With all these things included, you can save some serious fuel while on the road, all while still having plenty of horsepower and torque.

It’s one thing to cruise down the road and get great fuel economy, but it’s another thing to have a good time while doing so. However, RAM does not let its buyers down as you get a 3.5-inch electronic vehicle information center, along with cruise control, a Uconnect 3.0 multimedia center and a host of other features. Simply put, whether you are commuting or taking a long road trip, you are going to have an easy time remaining comfortable in the RAM 1500 HFE.  To take your own peek at the RAM 1500 HFE, come on down to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas, and you can see how great the truck is.

Again, while a person can get a hybrid car and enjoy the high gas mileage, it’s hard to get a truck that gets good fuel economy and has a lot of extras on the outside. This truck is capable of doing a lot as it has great front suspension with both upper and lower control arms. It also has coil springs and HD shock absorbers to make your ride more comfortable. As far as rear suspension, you get it with multi-link coil spring and shock absorbers that are heavy duty. All in all, whether you want to go off-roading or on a highway road trip, the RAM 1500 is going to remain comfortable on your trip.

Finally, if you want to tow something, you will want power, and the 1500 HFE will not leave you with problems. You can tow up to 10,650 pounds, and the payload is 1,930 pounds. You also get plenty of features with the towing package including a rear back-up camera and a class IV hitch receiver, along with an available integrated trailer brake controller.

If you are looking for a truck that gets decent gas mileage, all while giving you plenty to get excited about, you should check out the RAM 1500 HFE.

Hemi Engine


Whether you are a big fan of cars or not, you probably have heard of the Hemi engine.  It’s a powerful and reliable engine that has provided a lot of fun for vehicle owners. While true, the average person probably has no idea why the engine is well-liked and popular among car aficionados. Luckily, it’s easy to see why Dodge has relied on the engine for so long.

If you want to see the Hemi in action, you can do so if you check out a RAM 1500. With this well-built and powerful truck, one can see the Hemi in full action. For example, in the 1500, one can get a 395 horsepower 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine. With this, along with an eight-speed automatic, a truck owner can tow a lot, all while getting to his or her destination quickly.  In fact, with a Hemi-equipped RAM 1500, a motorist can get from 0-60 miles per hour in 7.4 seconds, which is pretty impressive considering that the RAM 1500 is not a small truck. So, for this reason alone, we can see that Hemi is a great engine for Dodge. And, if you drop by Chapman Dodge Las Vegas, you can hop in a car, truck or SUV and see how the hemi works for your driving style.

If you are a city dweller and don’t get excited over big trucks, you may not think that you should care about the Hemi engine. However, if you like fast sports cars, then you can get in on the Hemi too. The supercar SRT Hellcat comes with a V8 Hemi engine that packs 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. Since this is a best seller and a popular car that is selling in droves, one can see why the Hemi engine is still on top of the world. Simply put, the Hellcat is the most powerful muscle car ever, and Hemi is the main reason why.

While we can now see that Hemi engines are popular in sports cars and trucks alike, a lot of people probably have no idea why this is the case.  One reason why the Hemi engine is still around is because it offers plenty of power, all while giving the driver decent fuel economy. Yes, while truck buyers and SUV buyers are not usually obsessed with MPG, a vehicle owner with a Hemi engine will get decent fuel economy as the engines are more efficient than other brands.  Since fuel economy is important to a lot of buyers, Dodge knows this and has worked hard on the Hemi. At the same time, the engines, as we can see, put out a ton of horsepower and torque. Since people are still obsessed with power and speed, look for the Hemi to stick around for a long time as people get the best of both worlds.

When looking at the Hemi, we can see that it’s popular as ever, and it’s great in both cars and trucks. Since it’s now in the fastest muscle car ever, look for the Hemi to grow in popularity.



Dodge Challenger

If you want a reliable and fun vehicle to drive, you have a solid choice in both the Dodge Challenger and Jeep Grand Cherokee. In fact, both of these vehicles lead their segments in a recent U.S. vehicle satisfaction survey, and that is a great reason to have confidence if you want to check out one off these two great models. Here are a few key reasons why the Dodge Challenger and Jeep Grand Cherokee are so popular.

First, if you want to understand why the vehicles are popular, you should understand the survey a little more. The surveys are based off reviews from 66,000 customers from all over the country. In most cases, it’s not only that the driver likes the car, but he or she thinks the vehicle is the best one for their needs. Simply put, a lot of people who like the Grand Cherokee and Dodge Challenger like them because they are two class-leading vehicles that illicit a lot of happy responses.

When looking at the Dodge Challenger, we can see why it’s so well-liked. This muscle car is so popular that the company is having a hard time keeping up with demand. In fact, it’s been so crazy that the auto manufacturer had to stop taking orders. While things are looking up and the company is starting to catch up, it’s obvious that there are more people interested in the car than ever. If you want to get in on the action, you can check one out at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

The 2015 Dodge Challenger offers a chance for a driver to get some serious horsepower as the SRT version gives the driver a lot of power. Coupled with a solid transmission and a great name in Dodge, and you can see why buyers have snapped these vehicles up in droves. With this new survey, things should only improve for Dodge as the company is finding a lot of new and interested buyers who want to get in on the action.

If you want the most awarded SUV ever and a vehicle that is both premium and great for off-roading, you should know that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the perfect SUV for you and your family. It won the award because it is safe, and it gets a best-in-class 30 mpg on the highway. With three available 4×4 systems and plenty of towing capability, we can see why this is the favorite SUV of many. Not only that, the SUV comes with a host of user-friendly tech options that make the experience better for both the drivers and his or her passengers.

If you want a great SUV that does it all, you should check out the Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you are looking for a sports car with plenty of power, you need to get behind the wheel of a 2015 Dodge Challenger. Either way, both of these options offer you a top-notch experience, and we can see why they lead their segments in the latest U.S. vehicle satisfaction survey.


If you own a pickup, SUV or car, you know how valuable it is to your life. Sadly, if you live in an area with a lot of snow or inclement weather, you can spend a lot of time and money fighting the elements. But, with the right attitude and some work, you can protect your investment. With this in mind, you need to be proactive and understand the risks.

When you go out for the day and drive in the conditions, you will be protected if the local or state government uses salt on the road. But, at the same time, if you park your car in the garage and you don’t wash it before you go in for the night, there will be plenty of substances on your car that can cause harm. Not only can it cause the paint to peel, but the car’s exhaust and muffler systems can easily suffer damage. Furthermore, the frame of your Dodge will suffer if you frequently drive on roads with salt. Luckily, Dodge is a reliable name, and you can get one and not worry about many issues, especially if you keep good care of it. If you are interested in seeing a Dodge car, truck or SUV, head on down to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

Sadly, it doesn’t stop there, and you can also have more pressing issues that can cause you and your loved one’s serious problems. Think about it, if there are a lot of problems with the car, including under it, you may have brake problems. When this happens, you can experience serious issues, especially if you have to brake quickly, which is often the case during your commute in the snow. To prevent any issues, you should always tap your brakes the first time you get in your car. And, if you have any issues with the brakes, you need to get assistance immediately as you don’t want to leave it to chance.

If you understand what can happen to your vehicle, you should have an easier time taking action with regards to your Dodge truck, SUV or car. First, if you drive in the snow and have to deal with salt, you should take your vehicle in and get it washed more frequently. Sadly, this is only the first step, and you must take it further if you want to truly protect your investment. By going to a carwash that does more, you can protect your car and stay safe on the road. Luckily, in areas with strong winters, you can easily find a place that washes the underside of your car. That way, you can keep your car strong in the winter.

To take it further, if you are wise, you will inspect your vehicle every few days. If you find any minor issues, or major ones, you need to take your car in immediately as you can’t leave it to chance.

Remember, during the winter, you will want to drive more cautiously. Furthermore, you will need to inspect your Dodge to make sure that it’s not getting corroded or damaged.

Dodge Ram

When looking at the Dodge lineup, we can see that the company has a lot of great trucks, cars and SUVs. However, for a long time, the Dodge Ram has been the premier truck on the road, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon. No, in fact, the Dodge Ram has a lot of staying power, and people are going to pick these trucks for years to come. Here are a few reasons why the future of Ram is looking pretty bright.

In 2014, Dodge made some serious and unique changes to the Dodge Ram. For example, with the 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks, a buyer could get air suspension, which gives the driver a more comfortable and enjoyable ride while on the road. If a buyer wants the ever-popular Eco-Diesel V6, he or she can now enjoy it to the fullest with a Dodge Ram 1500. While those changes seem minor, this has made the Dodge Ram an extremely popular buy as one has plenty of options to make their experience better. To check out the options you can enjoy, you should head down to Chapman Dodge and get behind the wheel of a Dodge Ram.

Now, while most truck buyers are not necessarily looking for the latest tech gadgets, if you do like tech, you are in luck with the Dodge Ram as the company cares about implementing new technology. For starters, with the optional Uconnect Access System, you can turn your truck into a mobile office or entertainment center.  With the available Uconnect Access System, you can change the temperature in the truck, check out 3-D terrain maps and stay in full control with wheel-mounted buttons. Simply put, if you like tech, you can see that Dodge is on top of things, and this should continue well into the future. If you are looking for a Las Vegas Ram, you can check out the tech and see the possibilities.

While most truck owners want power and don’t necessarily fret about fuel economy, times are changing, and a lot of people are now looking to get trucks and cars that get decent gas mileage. In 2013, Dodge introduced the HFE or High Fuel Efficiency option. Based on the SLT model, the HFE offers a stellar 18/25 mpg with the Pentastar V6 engine. Furthermore, while not in the works right now, Dodge had a plug-in hybrid version in 2012, which was introduced at the 2011 Washington Auto Show.

When looking at Dodge, you can see one thing is for certain, the trucks are reliable. Not only that, they last a long time, and it’s rare to see a big recall notice in the news. This is in stark contrast to other companies that produce less-than-stellar versions of their vehicles.  Since Ram has a reputation to protect, you can count on this continuing for the long-term.

If you are looking to get a Dodge Ram, you are going to like your purchase. While true, the company is only improving every year, and the Dodge Ram will only get better.