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When looking to the high-end sports car market, you have a lot more choices than you did in the past. However, when you really think about the best cars on the road with a lot of power, you have to think of the Dodge Viper and the Chevrolet Corvette. Some people love the Viper while others love the Corvette, but the Viper is the better car, and here are a few reasons why you should consider it over the Corvette.

When you buy a high-end and expensive sports car, you are not worrying about a lot of things that other people worry about. No, you want performance, and you are going to get more of it if you buy a Viper. For starters, the 0-60 speed, which is the most looked at factor in determining raw power, is in the low-three-second range for the viper. This is almost a full second faster than the Corvette, which clocks in a 0-60 speed in 3.8 seconds.  Furthermore, when you want to really see the power of a Dodge Viper, you will have to see it perform well in the quarter-mile time, which it does. In fact, it gets going quickly, and it enjoys a quarter-mile time of just over 11 seconds. This is much better than the quarter-mile time for the Corvette, which gets you there in 12 seconds. Simply put, the viper is more powerful on the road.

With all this power, you can do a lot, but you will want to buy a car that you can still handle both on and off the track. While both are great options, the Viper, once again, comes out on top. Not only that, it is a great daily driver, though most people would rather take it up a mountain road and have more fun. With that being said, with the high performance suspension and low center of gravity, this is the ultimate car for anyone who wants to fly down the road and not worry about what is around the next curve. Finally, with the included five-mode Electronic Stability Control System you can drive down the road in any condition, all without fear or trepidation. This is in stark contrast to the Corvette that is fun to drive but not nearly as safe or exciting one you are out on the road. Either way, if you hop into a Viper at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas, you can get the real-world feel for this great car.

Coolness factor is important if you are going to spend a good chunk of change on a car. Sadly, a lot of people rush out and think they can attract people or impress them with a car. Since the Corvette is not as exciting to look at or drive, it’s not the best option out there. For this reason, if you want to truly turn heads and get people excited about your car, you should check out a Dodge Viper as it’s the more exciting of the car, in all aspects.

If you want the best high-end car sports car, you need to consider the Dodge Viper as it’s miles ahead of the competition, and you should check out a Dodge Viper for yourself.



61st Consecutive Month to Beat Previous Year Sales

When Chrysler reported that April 2015 sales bested the 2014 April mark by 6 percent, it marked the 61st month in a row for the company to beat the previous year sales mark. That’s a streak that’s virtually unheard of in U.S. auto sales, proving that the Fiat-Chrysler marriage is onto something big. One of the reasons for the increase in April was the launch of the Jeep Renegade. This little SUV chalked up 4,200 sales in April, propelling the Jeep division to its best month ever. You can see the Renegade along with all the company’s products at your Chrysler dealer in Las Vegas, Chapman Dodge.

Nine Different Vehicles Post Records

Buoyed by sales of the Chrysler 200, nine different Chrysler products posted record sales for April. The 200 was up 348 percent from just a year ago, while the Dodge Challenger had a 32 percent hike. The Wrangler, Patriot, Cherokee, Dodge Dart, Dodge Journey, Ram ProMaster cargo van and Ram Pickup also had increases from the previous year. Although the Dodge division was down slightly in sales because of a changeover at a manufacturing plant, the Challenger enjoyed a 32 percent increase over April of 2014.

Chrysler Division Sales Up 26 Percent

The phenomenal performance of the 200 mid-size sedan helped push Chrysler sales to a 26 percent increase over the previous year. The 200 was named the “Car of the Year,” by the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press association in April. Because of its styling, handling, power and great gas mileage, it was also named as a Consumer Digest “Best Buy.” For year to date sales, Jeep is 22 percent ahead of last year, followed closely by Chrysler with a 16 percent gain.

Fiat Chrysler Keeps Chugging Along

As evidenced by the lineup of great vehicles available at Chapman Dodge, the death knell that some were ringing for Chrysler after the 2008 recession is falling on deaf ears. “Back in the summer of 2009, when we emerged from bankruptcy and going into 2010…a lot of people had Fiat Chrysler completely written off,” said Reid Bigland, executive in charge of U.S. sales. “And yet we continued to keep our head down.” Chrysler’s U.S. share continues to increase from the dark days when it was just 8.9 percent. At the end of 2014 it was 12.6 percent and continuing upward. Most of the credit goes to home runs hit with the new Jeep Cherokee, Ram 1500 and the hot-selling Chrysler 200. See what all the fuss is about with a test drive at your Chrysler dealer in Las Vegas.