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The Dodge Ram truck is a great one, and it continues to impress buyers year in and year out. For this reason, a lot of people are loyal to Dodge, and they will continue to head to showrooms when they want to buy a new truck. But, if you are not convinced, you should check out the Dodge Texas Rangers concept Ram truck.

Whether you are from Texas or not, you probably have heard of the Texas Rangers.  They love their trucks, and they put them through a lot, so Dodge has gone out of its way to commemorate the truck and show their appreciation. In doing so, Dodge will gain a lot of publicity since people are bound to like the interesting and useful truck.`

While you can’t get your hands on one of these bad boys, you should check it out if the auto show comes to your town. Or, if you want to test drive a Dodge Ram, you can head to Chapman Dodge, where you can get a true feel for the vehicle that is extremely popular for multiple generations. But, you should check the Dodge Ram Texas Rangers concept truck as it is both interesting and fun to look at.

First, the truck features five-point, aluminum emblems on both the front driver-side and passenger-side fenders. There is a third badge on the tailgate. Furthermore, if you look at the polished 20inch aluminum wheels, you will see four more badges on each rim. This is a great thing to look at if you are a supporter of cool, shiny trucks and law enforcement.

The paint is white and silver two-tone, which shows off the colors worn the by good guys in the Texas Rangers. While it is shiny on the outside, you should not forget that it is a real truck with a big engine, great transmission and plenty of power to tow anything you want. If you want to take a peek at a new Dodge Ram, you should go out of your way to head to Las Vegas Ram as there are plenty of models that you can check out and test drive for yourself.

But, while the outside is great, don’t forget that the inside is something to enjoy and look at. The interior has etched leather, and there are even real Mexican pesos, which are inlaid inside the doors, in the wooden portions. While this is not available in showrooms, you can check it out for yourself if you head to a local auto show as it is making the rounds. Either way, if you are a lover of both big trucks and law enforcement, you are bound to love this truck. However, it is unlikely to make it to mass production, at least in this style as it wouldn’t be cost-effective.

If you are in love with the Dodge Ram, you should check out the Texas Rangers truck when it comes to town. If you do, you are sure to be impressed as anything based off the Dodge Ram is golden.



If you have a Dodge Ram, you probably already love your truck. But, if you want to get better gas mileage, you should know that you can if you simply drive smart and do a little more. With this in mind, here are five tips to improve the MPG in your Dodge Ram.

First, if you have a Doge truck, you should make sure that you take it in and get all the maintenance done on it. If you change your oil filter and oil regularly, along with changing your air filters along with other minor tasks, you can make sure that your truck runs at its best. Furthermore, when you do this, you will enjoy a truck that is more efficient. Not only that, if you do this, you are going to watch as your truck lasts longer and requires fewer costly repairs in the future. If you want to test drive a Dodge Ram and see how it feels, you should check one out at Chapman Dodge.

If you don’t check your tire pressure, you are making a mistake. Not only can low tires cause you problems on the road, but they can cost you money. Ideally, if you are wise, you will buy a tire gauge. Then, you can check your air pressure, and you can make sure that you have enough air in your tires. Then, if you don’t, you should head to a gas station and add air. Otherwise, if you don’t, you are going to waste money on gas as your Dodge Ram will not get as good of gas mileage if you have low tires.

If you carry around a bunch of stuff in your truck, you are going to waste money on gas. While a Dodge Ram is great for carrying excess stuff, you can still end up with a higher gas bill if you are not careful. But, luckily, if you take a few minutes to clean out your truck and take out excess items, you can save money. But, don’t go too far and take out your spare tire! To see what a Dodge Ram can do for you, it’s wise to check one out at Las Vegas Ram.

If you have a truck, you will realize that you don’t get the same gas mileage as someone who has a car. However, you can improve your mileage if you combine trips. While not always easy, you are going to save a lot of cash if you do everything at once. Ideally, when driving your Dodge Ram, you should not drive two miles here and two miles there. Instead, when combining your trips, you will put less wear and tear on your truck, all while getting better gas mileage.

Finally, if you gun it from stoplight to stoplight, you are going to hurt your engine and transmission. At the same time, you are going to waste a lot of gas, and you probably won’t get anywhere faster. So, instead, when you drive, take it easy and accelerate slowly. When doing so, you are going to save money on gas, and your vehicle will last a lot longer.

If you have a Dodge Ram, you can get better gas mileage, all with little effort. At the same time, when treating your truck well, it’s going to last longer, and you will spend less money on maintenance and upkeep.