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According to Consumer Reports, the Dodge Ram 1500 topped the list for the most number of miles per gallon. Gas mileage is vitally important for consumers looking for a new truck and having this vehicle stand up to its competition matters. This report has helped more consumers decide whether the Ram is the right vehicle for them.

During testing, the truck got a highway mileage of 27 mpg and 20 mpg overall. The EPA currently recommends 28 mpg on the highway, 20 mpg in the city, and 23 mpg overall. Consumers who are conscious of their gas mileage are very pleased with the results of this mileage test. One of the good things that people appreciate about this gas mileage is that it shows that the truck is useful for all sorts of purposes. While true, it’s wise to head to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas, so you can test drive the truck for yourself.

There are several factors that influence whether consumers see similar numbers when they have their truck out on the road. These factors include the condition of the engine, whether the truck is towing or carrying a large road, and even the condition of the tires. Although gas mileage might be somewhat compromised under poor conditions, a truck of this quality will have a good chance of outperforming its competition by a considerable margin. So, if you want a great truck, check out a Ram 1500 for sale, and you will find one fitting your needs.

People who buy and use a Dodge Ram 1500 will have the assurance of good performance, no matter how many demands are involved. The engine quality and gas mileage have helped shape this truck into the major leader that it is today. From everyday farm and ranch jobs to the most demanding construction jobs, drivers across the country trust Dodge trucks to provide top performance.

Although pickup trucks have been popular for decades, they have seen an increase in popularity with the advent of better fuel mileage and eco-friendly engines. In the past, many drivers were hesitant to invest in large trucks because of gas mileage concerns. Better gas mileage has helped the sales of these trucks, especially the Dodge Ram 1500. There are more consumers buying pickup trucks who never contemplated them before fuel-efficient options became available.

One of the things that truck companies are seeking is the coveted 30 mpg mileage. Many automotive experts feel that the first company to achieve this goal will come out as the winner in the competition among the full-size pickups on the market. This goal is one that many consider easily achievable because of all the improvements that automakers have made to ensure better mileage.

When people are making a decision about buying a pickup truck, one of the things that they will want to consider, along with the gas mileage, is whether the truck has features that help conserve gas usage. One of the things that appeals to many people who buy Dodge trucks is that the company does a lot to minimize their environmental impact.

Many truck owners who are considering a new truck will keep the Dodge Ram 1500 in mind. The gas mileage makes this truck a convenient choice. In addition to good mileage, the truck offers the features that drivers want the most.


The 2015 Dodge Journey is one of the best values when you need a crossover vehicle with great features. It offers a comfortable, safe, spacious ride, in an attractive vehicle, with all the modern-day technology you need.

The Dodge Journey is a good alternative to driving a bulky SUV. Yet, the Dodge Journey is still bigger than a car. The Journey can accommodate up to seven passengers. The fact it is large enough to transport a large family, yet lighter than a heavy SUV or van means the Dodge Journey is the perfect fit. See for yourself by heading to Chapman Dodge.

The Dodge Journey has a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. This means it has good get-up-and-go, yet it does not get the type of gas mileage other four-cylinder engines do. The V-6 engine will give owners 17 city and 20 highway miles per gallon. These numbers are comparable with other vehicles in the same size category. The V-6 engine will also give you more power and an extremely quiet ride.

You can select a variety of other features that will design the Dodge Journey into a vehicle that is right for you and your family. You can choose from either a front wheel or a four-wheel drive. You can also select an UConnect media center. This will give you a modern 8.4 inch touch screen. This screen allows you the option of a Garmin navigation system. This will allow you to enjoy state of the art electronics you have come to rely on. Sirius Satellite Radio along with TravelLink can also be installed. If you like the handless feature Bluetooth offers, opt for this feature as well. You will love the options you can choose from with a Dodge Journey. When you have some free time, you should check out some 2015 Dodge Journey models.

Another notable feature of the Dodge Journey is that the front seats are wider than seating in similar vehicles. This gives you more room to move around in. The back seats are equally as accommodating. With contoured seating features, Dodge hit the mark when it comes to designing a comfortable ride. To see and learn more, you can check one out at Las Vegas Dodge.

When you are traveling with your family, safety is an important feature when looking for a vehicle. Dodge Journey is prepared to keep you and your family safe on the road. It comes with dual front, side and curtain airbags. If you live in northern regions where slippery roads are common, the Dodge Journey’s stability and traction control will help navigate the roads even under the worst winter driving conditions. A rearview camera and parking sensors also will help you with visibility. This is especially true when you need to park in a tight space.

The 2015 Dodge Journey proudly earned four stars for front crash and rollover safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, it did not fare as well in the side-impact testing, but overall, it’s a very safe ride.

There are many reasons why the Dodge Journey is the right vehicle for you. Drive one today, and you will see why it is one of the top choices in crossover vehicles. Its features, safety, roominess and sleek design will make you happy to drive it every time you need to go somewhere.


In the exclusive world of sports car owners with racing fuel running through their veins, the need for speed is paramount. What seems fast to the average car buyer is just the starting point for dedicated sport drivers with enough cash on hand to power their machine to maximum efficiency. The staff at RSI Racing understands what race car drivers want and have earned their place in the racing in by becoming experts at upgrading Dodge Vipers. Just in case anyone doubts the company’s abilities, RSI Racing proves their point with their fifth-generation twin-turbo installation capable of producing 1,000+ horsepower at the wheels. If you want to check out any sporty Dodge cars, you should head to Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

The competition is notoriously stiff when it comes to high-end racing cars. While the standard 5th Generation Viper has plenty of power in its stock 8.4 liter V10 engine, the 645 horsepower that comes straight from the factory has plenty of competition and it comes from inside the Dodge family as well as from outside major competitors. To be specific, Dodge’s other sports models, the Challenger, and Charger SRT Hellcats, boast 707 horsepower while the Cadillac CTS-V is comparable to the power of a Viper. That’s why Viper owners are heading to RSI Racing out of Plano, Texas for a power upgrade that is hard to beat. Luckily, if you have the desire, you can buy your own Dodge SRT Viper.

RSI Racing is proud of their turn-key operation. In business for the long haul, the company has been leading the pack with its technological racing innovations for many years. Those advances have been providing racers with steady and unbelievable improvements in speed. Viper owners who opt for a premium package can expect to run at 1,000 psi just using street fuel. While impressive, that’s nothing compared to the expected performance on the racing track. Simply changing what’s running in the gas tank from standard gasoline to racing fuel or E85 ups the available power to an astonishing 1,500 psi at the wheel.

To get that kind of performance, the team at RSI Racing doesn’t skimp on the upgrades. Core improvements start with the installation of precision superchargers. Add in better breathing equipment, the strength of forged parts, powerful modifications to the drive train, and an engine management system that pulls it all together, and you’ll understand just how deep the team goes to modify and improve the performance of an already stellar vehicle.

To get the kind of power boost that RCI promises and that race car drivers need to have, owners have to be prepared to fork over some serious cash. The premium package runs more than the sticker price of the Viper itself. At $89K, only the serious or seriously well-heeled need apply.

RSI has made a business out of modifying and improving the Dodge Viper. They know the brand and have proven themselves year after year with modified race cars that excel on the track. In a world where many companies claim to be experts in just about everything. RSI Racing is one company that knows how to pack power into their specialization.

orange big horn

Fans of the affordably-priced RAM truck line rejoice! The brand new Ram 2500 Big Horn is now available, and it’s better than ever. This is an unparalleled opportunity for you to purchase a fantastic new truck that not only comes equipped with all the features and conveniences that you’ve come to expect and deserve but also comes in a bright new color that many Dodge fans have requested. If you want to check out the Ram 2500 inventory, you can do so by heading to Chapman Las Vegas Dodge.

Orange You Glad They Listened To Your Requests?

In fact, eager buyers and fans of the 2015 Ram 2500 Big Horn edition have even more to rejoice over in the new year than they did in 2014. Finally, the Chrysler Corporation has listened to repeated requests from buyers and has acceded to their wishes. The 2015 Ram 2500 Big Horn is now available in a wide and comprehensive range of colors, including orange!

To be exact, Omaha Orange is the precise color scheme that many prospective buyers have requested. And, true to their reputation as a crowd-pleasing company, Chrysler has come through in spades. The truck looks and feels fantastic. Its brand new coat of Omaha Orange paint smartly complements its hard working physicality, making the 2015 RAM 2500 Big Horn a vehicle for the ages.

An Exciting New Range Of Options To Choose From

Of course, as much as new buyers will welcome the hot new Omaha Orange paint job, they will also naturally be expecting the Ram Big Horn to come packed with a range of exciting new features. And in this department, the new RAM won’t disappoint them.

The windows of the Big Horn come equipped with the featured option of deep tinted glass, making them an excellent purchase for drivers and passengers alike who value their privacy. Meanwhile, the new power rear window option makes the Big Horn a must for owners who need to give their pets and passengers a little extra ventilation during long highway drives.

There’s also a new cruise control option that offers full steering wheel controls. This is a great new feature for drivers who want to relax for a bit, while still remaining in full control when it comes to steering the vehicle. This particular option may prove a bit daunting at first but, when fully mastered with a bit of practice, should prove to be an extremely popular one for drivers.

Reaching The Top Class Of Quality, Inside And Out

When it comes to top-notch safety and quality, the brand Ram Big Horn is simply in a class of its own. You won’t find a more reliable and cost-efficient truck on the market this year. And with its shiny new coat of Omaha Orange paint, chances are you won’t find a more fashionable or trendsetting vehicle to be spotted proudly behind the wheel of. We heartily recommend you head down to Chapman Las Vegas Dodge and give it a test drive today.



Experts and business commentary have linked Apple to advances in automobile technology, and one big name getting a lot of traction is Dodge. Coming on the heels of Apple’s valuation as the largest corporation in the United States, there is a tendency to believe that nothing is beyond the company. While there’s no hard evidence, but that has not stopped the non-stop rumor mill from churning out Apple car suggestions, quotes, and intuitions. A few sources like the Wall Street Journal have published details about the car development team and its growing number of employees and experts. Thus the question, is there a likelihood for Apple to join with a major car manufacturer and produce an advanced line of vehicles? The answer is, when looking at self-driving cars and companies like Dodge, it’s entirely possible.

Dodge and Apple make a likely couple. For starters, Dodge, as far as American car companies go, is a company that loves technology, and it’s more apparent than ever. Whether you are looking for the newest truck or a sports car with plenty of new technological products, you should check out Chapman Dodge as they have all the cars you will want.

Some few facts that are available show that Apple has hired roughly fifty people formerly employed by electric car maker Tesla, Ford and Daimler-Benz. Further, based on data from Linked-In, many are engineers. In recent years, the idea of the Apple car has grown as an article of faith. There is a growing belief that Apple is all-in on developing an electric vehicle. Others suggest it would be a combination of computer software and automotive hardware in the form of a self-driven vehicle.

There are many possibilities from the available facts and guesswork. First, it shows that Apple’s research and development have achieved a remarkable status; no one seems to doubt that they could enter an entirely new field and have an impact. Second, the automobile and personal vehicle field is in a state of transition as it develops a new generation of electric-powered vehicles. The transition suggests that the traditional advantages of old-line manufacturers may not be so great when one focuses on electric vehicles. But Dodge is ahead of the game, and you can see it all in action by heading to Las Vegas Dodge and checking out the inventory on hand.

There is no reliable evidence to confirm an Apple auto effort, but the circumstances feed the belief among many business experts and news sources. One side of the question seems to raise more hope than evidence. As a major part of modern societies, the automobile seems stuck in the past. Over the years, the refinements have been numerous but often quite small. There have been incremental changes in gas mileage and smaller changes in materials. If one looks at the average U.S. manufacturer’s fleet now and compares it to 1975, the differences would not be bold and apparent. The idea of the Apple car may be more about the feeling that the industry is ready for a great leap forward, and that Apple is the company most able to do it.

While there are no plans now, we will probably see a future in which Dodge and Apple get together to work on a car. While true, any car buyer should realize while this is a possible, it’s a few years away. Though, while true, it will be a fun combination that many buyers will enjoy.